KoF XIII: Athena Asamiya Combo Video by Persona

This is the first time I actually had to use an arcade stick instead of a controller since to get most out of Athena’s combos, you need really precise timing. All the butt attacks in the video (other than obvious ones canceled from ground attacks) are the air version and not the ground one. Although much more difficult to do, it rewards you with many things such as more damage, quicker startup and can be done at pretty much any height allowing more hits of her Phoenix Arrow to connect. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to get more hits in the Phoenix Arrow since it will definitely add up in the damage scaling, but it actually does more overall damage when used after damage scaling is maxed. I also use all different enders for her Neo Max! Green (leftover color) for Elisabeth, yellow (lightning) for Benimaru, purple (flames) for EX Iori, black (tar?) for Saiki and bikini (KoF Kyo) for Kyo!

combos and editing by Persona

soundtrack: KoFXIII OST – Purity Soldiers

released today, October 19th, 2013

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