TTT2 – Combo Djently by sithlord from Kerberos

A compilation of unused recorded combos and unused ideas finally recorded for release, sithlord brings us his last TTT2 artistic opus.

Highlights: Twice Tag-in SLOTH combo @1:58; Prone evasion to combo @3:00; Ki Charge low evasion punish combo @3:54; Just frame wall glitch combo @4:44

Combos and editing by sithlord

Soundtrack: “Cafo” by Animals As Leaders

Release date: Oct.14, 2013

Fun Facts & Insight: ~Many of these ideas have been written down in my notebook for almost a year.
~The Dr. B “Ancient Thesis” combo was recorded during the “A-T” release but was left out due to me feeling it was lackluster to the others by comparison. This gave me the idea to pursue more Dr.B combos for this release.
~The original title of this was “Scrap Metal” and the originally intended soundtrack choice was Meshuggah’s “Combustion” from ObZen.
~The song is edited to make each segment appear to be deliberate….as it most certainly was.
~Wang collision combo @0:57 was the most difficult timed collision combo I have ever attempted.
~The original idea for the wall ender during the combo @4:27 involved a camera glitch during Miharu’s f+1+2 Wall break move, which made her somehow end up Bted. After many repeated attempts at finding the most satisfying move, it couldn’t be replicated after I turned on my device.

In closing: Do you combo Djently and carry a big stick??

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