Game | Over – A UMvC3 Combo Video by Wolverine-Master

It’s been five years since I made my first video and now I’m afraid that this is my last. The combos in this video was meant to raise a lot of brows due to the difficulty and thought process behind them. It’s Game | Over for me FGC. Thanks for a great five years.

Lex Luthor double pig interactable at 0:18, Morrigan/Phoenix fireball frenzy at 2:36, and a Doctor Strange four “7 Rings of Raggador” combo at 6:48

combos and editing by Wolverine-Master

soundtrack: 1) Super Mega Pirate Action, 2) MegaMan 10 Totally Rad Winter – OC_ReMix, 3) DarkeSword (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) – Straight to the Top (2013 Apex Remix), 4) Dr. Wily (Mega Man 3) – A Daring Escape [Jago]

released, October 2nd, 2013

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