God of War Series Combo Video by Magnetro

Magnetro presents a 13-minute Kratos combo exhibition spanning the entire God of War series, from the original PlayStation 2 classic to this year’s God of War: Ascension! It features dozens of incredibly technical combos and countless cleverly discovered glitches.

GoWA Kratos angry beatdown at 3:45, GoW3 fireball battle at 4:15, GoW2 slow-mo projectile reflect shatter at 6:52, GoWGoS ledge battle at 9:18, and GoW sky-high spinfest at 10:57

if you like this video:
Head over to Magnetro’s channel and check out his oldschool MvC2 videos.

Magnetro has also prepared an extensive 50-minute Combo Explanations tutorial for anyone interested in learning how each clip was performed:

combos and editing by Magnetro

Game of Thrones Season 2 OST – What Is Dead May Never Die
Game of Thrones Season 2 OST – Pay the Iron Price
God of War Ascension OST – Bound by Blood
God of War 2 OST – Phoenix Rising
God of War 2 OST – The Barbarian King Returns
God of War 3 OST – Poseidon’s Wrath
God of War 3 OST – Stalker
God of War 3 OST – Depths of Hades

released today, September 24th, 2013

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