style exhibition v.two (TFC2k13 Edition)

Our project for this year is the follow-up to Evo2k10’s sh/f style exhibition – featuring many new fighting games released since. Fifteen combo makers collaborated on this video and it was an extremely hectic production until the very last minute, but it turned out pretty solid in the end.

All of these combos follow standard meter restrictions and were performed under default damage settings. Many of them were tool-assisted via programmable controllers or emulator scripting. Absolutely no gameplay-altering hacks, cheats, or devices were used in the making of these clips.

combos by Battousai, Bob Sagat, Combonauts, Dammit, Doopliss, Error1, HighOnPCP, kellyS, Maj, Mienaikage, no_password, Rikir, SlimX, Wolverine-Master, and Zool

edited by Maj

SFA2 OST – Adon Theme
SF3:3S AST – Theme of Q
MSHvSF OST – Ken Theme


0:02 SF2CE Ken / CvS2 P-Terry / LB2 S-Moriya / SFA Sagat varied chain sequence kicks off the video in similar fashion to the style intro.

0:21 SF3:3S Ryu uses precise positioning and timing to incorporate multiple dashes and side switches in one combo. Bonus: falling bag!

0:28 SFA3 V-Adon’s Alpha Counter doesn’t cause knockdown, so he can combo off of it by using one of Blanka’s watermelons to bridge the gap. He’s able to activate VC just in time before Blanka gets hit and becomes airborne, so Blanka can’t flip out.

0:35 SSF2 Fei Long cancels into his Fierce Rekka after hitting Blanka with his close Fierce. The gap between the oil drums is just big enough for Fei to become airborne and cancel the Rekka, but his momentum carries him over to the other side. His second Rekka also gets canceled when he falls off the oil drum, but by doing a Short as he falls he is able to keep Blanka in hitstun long enough to finish the combo after he lands.

0:40 SSF2 M.Bison pops up in the air when he performs a Headstomp while standing on an oil drum in every version of SF2, allowing him to use a lot of jump attacks in the middle of a normal Jab combo.

0:45 KoF2k2UM Bao’s HSDM pulls the enemy towards it. Bao (in Max Mode) changes sides over Chang by jumping over him. Once sides are changed, but before finishing the jump, Bao does a jumping QCF+B that hits Chang and gets juggled into the HSDM. Bao uses QCB+C to juggle Chang again into the HSDM. Bao does another QCB+C and supercancels it into F,HDF+BD SDM. The SDM comes out toward the oposite side from where the last QCB+C was done. Chang gets juggled into the HSDM and falls into the SDM (now close to the corner), and gets juggled multiple times. Bao enters Max Mode again and does QCB+C canceled into QCB+D canceled into QCB+C and canceled into QCB+D. That last QCB+D gets supercanceled into QCBx2+K for the kill.

1:04 CvS2 C-Sagat starts with sort of an advanced meaty setup for s.LP to link into c.HK sweep. The main reason it’s interesting is because of the way those lvl2/lvl1 Tiger Raid supers juggle all four hits of the flying part by whiffing the kick before.

1:10 JJBA Rubber Soul cancels a dashing 2C wih his 360+A during the first frame of start-up. The move still comes out, while Robber Soul recovers sooner thanks to 360+A having almost no recovery. This allows him to link a dashing 5C afterwards. By crouch cancelling 5A, Rubber Soul can link a 5B. When 5B is cancelled into 6S, both moves only applies pushback to the stand and not Robber Soul himself, allowing him to stay close. The QCF+A overloads the infinite prevention with its multiple hits, allowing the combo to continue a little further. The Stand Crash gives Robber Soul enough time to cancel into his QCF+AA super. Iggy seems to be the only dummy that allowed dashing 2C to connect far enough away for 360+A not to connect.

1:20 CFTE Bad Mr. Frosty sets up a snowball trade at the precise distance from the corner to follow up with multiple projectile juggles, adding up to a true 100% damage combo featuring an air-to-ground transition ender.

1:28 COTA Storm is able to bypass hitstop entirely by canceling her normals on the first frame of impact. This gives her much more time to move around between attacks, and makes it seem as though she’s hitting Akuma without actually touching him. Furthermore, the upper level floor breaks as Akuma teleports before the clip begins, so his pushbox remains nullified for a long time. This allows Storm to pass through him. At the Hail Storm, a recovery bug glitches the combo counter, keeping it active despite Akuma’s obvious recovery.

1:57 SF3:3S Urien showcases three side switches, three different whiffed specials, while using all of his specials at least once, and breaking the 6 hit juggle “limit” by 2 hits. It also kind of looks like two different combos, depending on if you watch Urien or watch Ken.

2:03 RBFF2 Krauser is somehow able to connect a second upgrab in the corner, against Tung only. This touch-of-death clip starts with the lowest damage dizzy combo possible against Tung, so he can live long enough to be knocked out by Krauser’s elbow drop OTG. Those dashes after the dizzy make Krauser look like a pro wrestler running around a ring, don’t they?

2:19 SSF2T Ken can use his Funky Kicks to switch sides with crouching or downed opponents. In some situations, Ken can pop back to his original side and face the wrong direction. This allows him to whiff cancel a wrong direction cr.Short into another one in the first part of the combo and throw a Jab Hadouken in the wrong direction in the second part. His far Fierce is Super-cancelable, but normally the Super would whiff. The wrong direction hit of the fireball is what pulls Dhalsim in close enough so the full Super connects.

2:28 MSH Wolverine uses all three offensive Infinity Gems during one combo: Reality, Time, and Power. While the Reality Gem is active, pressing Start fires an orb that knocks Juggernaut out of Weapon X. Juggernaut’s width and weight allows for various mid-combo crossovers.

3:20 SFA2 M.Bison’s crossup j.HK, c.MK, s.HK xx HK Scissor Kick combo knocks Get down, setting up a meaty HK Headstomp into corner CC showcasing all of his offensive specials. After meaty s.MP, c.MP xx Taunt drains the last of Gen’s lifebar down to the magic pixel, Gen’s reversal lvl1 Shitenshuu initiates a dizzy countdown. The two characters pass the time with a zero damage sequence until the countdown is ready to dizzy Bison after Gen’s lvl1 Jakouha combo, followed by a stylish Gen CC involving three KKK:c.LK xx HK Ouga loops tracking alternating corners.

3:49 UMvC3 Dante performs multiple crossups, while using a slew of different specials, causing three different elemental effects, and even taking the time to say “Keepin’ it stylish!”

4:16 KoFXIII Kim’s counterhit CD attack canceled into QCB+D and supercanceled into QCFx2+D DM puts Maxima in such a high position that allows Kim to switch sides under Maxima with QCB+BD. Once on the other side, Kim does a QCB+D, once again canceled into a QCFx2+D DM. Kim switches sides under Maxima again, this time running under him, does a F,F+A from the other side canceled into air QCB+BD that hits Maxima in the back. Kim juggles with another F,F+A canceled into air QCB,HCF+K.

4:27 SFxT Law/Blanka employ two Motivation Gems for Blanka: One for landing two counterhits, one for landing 5 normals. Blanka lands one counterhit and four normals before the combo, so that both gems trigger from his CH j.HP. This builds back 500 points of meter (one bar is 400), which is needed since this is a 4-bar combo. When connecting just right, Blanka’s CH j.HP will combo into LK Rainbow Roll. It hits cross-up, allowing Law to come running from the other side when tag cancelled. Law then tag cancels HCF+MP after a ground bounce, giving Blanka enough time to do a full Super Charge into his super.

4:43 TTT2 Paul/King starts with counterhit QCB,1 into 1+2+5, which barely combos into King’s 1+4. Then Paul walks forward into QCB,3,2,1, which breaks the wall and leaves Heihachi in such an angle to send him off the balcony with QCF,2. After the Balcony break, none of King’s AA or OTG grabs will work, so King simply ends it with his jumping 2 High Elbow Drop. Burning Knuckle (UF+hold 1+2) almost worked, but was a little too slow.

4:52 PASBR Dante manages to incorporate all three of his melee weapons and most of his moveset into one stylish combo, using several empty cancels and one particularly cool airdash extension – ending with a manual rejump U+Square to cause AP burst.

5:01 IGAU Green Lantern utilizes all four bars of meter in one midscreen juggle, which is something of a rarity for him. Strangely enough, timing the rocket so that it hits the opponent just as they land and bounce causes them to get hit without taking damage. It’s easy to see the yellow hitspark on Superman’s chest as the fireball connects after the R1 stage interaction.

5:15 SG Ms.Fortune/Parasoul team up to produce a very unusual extension after Ms.Fortune’s air super, allowing her to follow up with a full ground combo into DHC for a lenghty Parasoul finisher.

5:40 KoFXIII Robert does a crossup jumping BD at the same time as he starts HD mode. This allows to cancel the normally uncancelable jumping BD into QCB+D, which is canceled into QCB+BD. Robert juggles with DB,F+BD and juggles again with F,B,F+BD. He then HD cancels the F,B,F+BD into whiff DB,F+B to move close enough to juggle with DP+A canceled into QCF+A. Robert juggles again with a DB,F+BD, and juggles with a DP+C canceled into QCF,HCB+P.

5:55 UMvC3 Spencer/Doctor Strange appear onscreen at the same time due to the Super Nova blockstun glitch. Both characters are controlled with the same joystick and buttons, so their attacks must complement each other. Fortunately, using Bolts of Balthakk keeps Dr. Strange busy for a long time, allowing Spencer to move and jump around without displacing his teammate.

6:13 SSF4AE2012 Rose can gain ultra meter when she has her ultra-2 active by absorbing damage with her Focus Attack. Most normals will get hit by one of the projectiles during hitstop so projectiles are ideal for this. Dan was chosen beacuse he has a quick and high damage fireball. Rose gains enough ultra meter to activate a second one, the lvl3 Focus creates a free juggle state, then both ultras juggle and without increasing the juggle count. For some reason the starting position of Rose’s U2 is semi random, so delaying it to this frame gives a better position some of the time. A fireball is canceled into a EX Focus to delay it, otherwise it would come out too soon or in the wrong direction. The second lvl3 Focus increases the juggle count to 1, so she can only follow up with super, EX fireball, or Soul Throw. She manages to whiff s.LK for added style before the EX Soul Throw, using up all her meter.

6:23 PASBR Kat combines her gravity powers with Time Station’s anti-grav mashup to produce some truly interesting results. Her air D+Triangle normally slams airborne opponents to the ground, but the anti-grav effect keeps Sweet Tooth floating long enough for Kat to recover and catch him with a D+Circle vacuum. She finishes the combo with U+Square jump-canceled into downward airdash onto a platform and tags him with a lvl1 super for the kill.

6:31 SFxT Vega/Hugo employs three Motivation Gems: One for landing three EX moves, one for landing 5 normals, and one for landing a 10-hit combo. Vega lands one normal before the combo for spacing, but the combo would work anyways. EX FBA counts as two EX moves, triggering that gem right after the “5-normals” one. These gems build back a total off 900 points of meter (one bar is 400) which is needed since the first part of the combo requires 5 bars. The first EX FBA is spaced so that the wall-jump animation happens before going to the other side of Dhalsim, simply for style reasons. The launching hit and the first followup hit of the EX FBA do not add any Juggle Points (JP), which allows this very long juggle. After the 2nd EX FBA, the 3rd one must be linked after c.LK, because a cancel sends Dhalsim too high for the combo to work. After the 4th EX FBA, HK Scarlet Terror is tag-canceled into Hugo’s HP clap. This was the only move available that doesn’t add JP, gives enough air for the EX FBA to connect after the Pandora, gives Vega enough time to leave the screen, and doesn’t cost any meter. This is needed for the c.MP to connect after the 3rd EX FBA in Pandora, which is then cancelled into c.HK, which is then cancelled into a launcher as a little “end-of-combo” taunt.

6:59 SFA2 Guy/Rolento coordinate an acrobatic zero damage sequence, burning both full meters one level a time. Both characters have attacks which crouch low to the ground and hover slightly above ground, allowing them to switch sides multiple times.

7:08 HSF2 WW-Blanka’s close Fierce takes forever and ST-Dhalsim can slide under it, just like he can slide under his close Forward and partially under his Roundhouse. His Rolling Attack couldn’t pass through opponents yet, which is why it bounces off of Dhalsim’s Teleport recovery.

7:12 SFA3 A-Juni/V-Juli perform a zero damage sequence using special move and activation invincibility frames as well as simple dodging. The one thing that’s kind of interesting technically is that Juni summoning M.Bison is a charge Super, so her pushblock move had to be incorporated in the motion and be performed with the right timing to make it come out. And don’t forget that she also had to get around Juli’s VC shadows, which have active frames too in A3.

7:20 SFA3 V-Juli/Juni team up against Balrog in this Dramatic Battle combo, both activating both VC’s simultaneously to rack up 45 hits midscreen. Then Juni uses an OTG command grab to set up Juli’s air throw finisher, as Juni starts up a Hooligan Combination to grab Balrog after the KO.

debuted today, September 15th, 2013 at TFC2k13

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  1. Maj says:

    Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this video, for sharing your talents and being patient with the outcome. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, especially considering the circumstances.

    A full transcript of combo explanations will be added here within the next couple of days. Until then, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about the clips.

  2. XSPR says:

    Awesome video, very cool exploit of ST Ken vs Dhalsim. It even has a T-7 Maj Jump, aka Tabidougu Tobikosu!

  3. Maj says:

    I finished compiling the transcript, so i’ve added it to the post above. If anyone notices any typos or mistakes, please let me know. Or if you have any unanswered questions.

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