JoJo ASB: Multiple Character Combo Video #1 by Doopliss

After playing around in training mode since release, this is some of the more interesting stuff I’ve found. There’s a lot of Kira combos in particular since he has a lot of tricks with his bombs.

Johnny kill combo at 0:20, Kira horserider-specific combo at 1:13, Ultimate Cars pushing buttons at 3:46

Combos and editing by Doopliss


For this game, I’m just gonna play around with characters in training mode, and when I find enough stuff I feel is record-worthy, I’ll upload a Combo Video. Below you can find some noteworthy things about each combo.

Done in v.1.01.

Game-specific terminology:
Son=Stand On
Soff=Stand Off
PC=Puttsun Cancel
SR=Stand Rush
HHA=Heart Heat Attack
GHA=Great Heat Attack

Combo #1:
-Son Backthrow, Down+2A xx PC, run-in, 3M, Taunt.
-With a bomb primed, Kosaku can combo off of his throw.

Combo #2:
-Horse j.H, 5H xx ch.4,6H, (5L xx ch.4,6H)x3 xx (PC, run under, (2L xx ch.4,6H)x4)x2 ss HHA, Taunt.
-I’ve only ever seen Johnny tackle loops with three tackles per rep, but I managed to squeeze out a 4th one. After the first Puttsun, I use only c.L instead of s.L, it reaches slightly further, and seems to have sliiiightly less pushback. The game seems to allow me to do an instant charge move after running under the opponent, I guess because I was holding what is now back for a while. This combo does 903 damage, which seems to be enough to kill Valentine, probably thanks to the damage buff Johnny gets on his HHA from the corpse parts. I get why he doesn’t feel like dismounting.

Combo #3:
-Son 214+M xx PC, 5H xx Down+2A, GHA, Taunt.
-If you have a decent angle, Kira can juggle into his GHA from a M detonation if he’s really close.

Combo #4:
-Son j.H, 5H xx 214+L xx SR, j.M, 5LMH xx 236+L xx PC, Down+2A xx HHA, Taunt.
-Johnny and Gyro on horse have several oddities that can be used to ones advantage when doing combos. some knockdowns (like Kira’s No Stand Rush Punch and L Detonation) leaves them in a super-armored knockback instad of knocking them down, allowing you to extend your combos slightly (you can break them out of this state with a move that causes a predetermined kind of knockdown). They’re also very tall, which can be useful. Also (not seen in this combo), if you knock them off the horse, they’ll get launched from higher up, which can allow for new combos.

Combo #5:
-Son j.M, 5LMH, 2L xx 2H xx 6H xx (PC, j.H, 2H xx 6H)x3 xx 623+A, Taunt.
-You can link off of Diavolo’s Stand H. Also, his c.H will launch the opponent after they’ve been hit by j.H.

Combo #6:
-(Son 214+A before combo) Soff Backthrow, (6H xx PC)x3, 6H, Down+2A, Taunt.
-Kira has better OTG moves than Kosaku (mainly since his OTG can be cancelled), so he can get a longer combo from his grab.

Combo #7:
-(Son, 214+M before combo), run, j.H, 5MH xx PC, GHA (214+A connects, then GHA).
-After shooting a M bubble bomb from full-screen, I rush in and do a quick combo into GHA, which has enough invincibility to save me from the bubble bomb.

Combo #8:
-Son 1-hit H xx 236+M xx SR, 5M, 5LMH xx Down+2A xx PC, GHA.
-With a decent angle, you can link after H xx Primer xx Stand Rush, allowing you to prime mid-combo. When Kosaku does his GHA from the right, you can only see Killer Queen’s feet after the explosion, which looks a little silly.

Combo #9:
-Son 214+M xx PC, 5H xx 236+L xx SR, j.M, 5L, 5LH xx Down+2A, HHA, Taunt.
-Kira’s HHA has more range that it appears to have.

Combo #10:
-Son j.L, 5LMH xx 19, j.H xx 236+A xx SR, j.M, 5LMH xx PC, Son, 2L xx 236+L xx SR, j.M, GHA, Taunt.
-Jolyne can cancel her instant j.M or j.H to Rush Punch, then Stand Rush out of it for a nasty, meter-cheap combo opener. For a bar she can then Puttsun into Stand Mode again, probably into her infinite. I went for the Stand Rush into GHA though, which is actually kinda hard to do since her GHA is so slow.

Combo #11:
-(Son 214+M before combo), 5LM xx Down+2A, 5L, 5L xx 214+M xx SR, 5Lx3 xx 5H xx Down+2A xx PC, Son, 5H xx 214+M xx SR, 5Lx3 xx 5H xx Down+2A xx PC, 5H xx 6H xx PC, 6H, Taunt.
-This combo requires the perfect corner placement you see in all those juggle infinite videos. This placement allows him to do long juggles with multiple Detonation Primers. The f.H in the end causes a hard knockdown for some reason, usually it’s techable on juggle.

Combo #12:
-(GHA before combo)(Forward Super Jump) j.LMH xx 66*, 5LMH xx 6H xx 236+H xx PC, 5MH xx 6H xx 236+L xx PC, j.H, 2H, 2L xx whiff 5L xx 5M xx 2H xx 6H xx 214+M xx PC, j.H, 2H xx 623+A xx 19, j.LMH xx 66*, (5M xx 2H)x2, 5MH xx 19, j.LMH xx 66*, 5M xx 2H xx 623+A xx 19, 66 xx 214+M, Whiff L xx M*, Taunt.
-This is just a taste of what Ultimate Cars can do. I only ended it because, well, I need to stop somewhere, right? When he does three moves while flying, trying to cancel into a 4th will make him drop to the ground instantly, allowing for some really sick combos. During the Fly Cancel after the M xx H I could act much faster than normal for some reason. This would always happen in this situation, so I don’t know if it’s a glitch that occurs because I did a flight earlier or something. His airdash and piranha carries the hard knockdown from the SRK Tentacle, allowing me to land and taunt. Most normals can also carry juggle properties this way.
*Move only used to cancel recovery of 3rd move in flight, does not come out.

JoJo ASB: Johnny’s theme
JoJo ASB: Kira’s theme
JoJo ASB: Jolyne’s theme
JoJo ASB: Car’s theme

Released on September 4th, 2013

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