ST T.Hawk 720 Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

All of the attempted 720s in these screenshots connect. Both grapplers in ST cannot waste their meter, when their Super starts up, their opponent goes for a ride. Here we also see that sprites don’t always accurately represent their hitboxes, even though Hawk’s throw range is pretty huge in this game. Explanations of the situations and setups in these screenshots are included below.


1. Hawk jumps over Ryu as Ryu starts a Dragon Punch. When done right, moves in ST can face the wrong way when input on the right frame before landing, even after hitting the opponent with a jumping attack that lands you behind them. The throwbox of Hawk’s Super is big enough that it can grab characters standing behind him and as soon as he becomes hittable, Ryu also becomes throwable before his DP leaves the ground.

2. Guile seems stocked to be thrown out of his neutral Forward startup, which technically still leaves him grounded.

3. Hawk jumps over Zangief, then back again so as to create distance and so as to not get hit by Zangief’s close Roundhouse, which leaves his sprite seemingly airborne during its recovery.

4. Hawk grabs Blanka out of the startup of his Roundhouse.

5. Chun Li jumps over Hawk and does a backward facing df+Forward, while Hawk performs a grounded 720. Again, Chun Li is still considered grounded during this part of the move.

6. T.Hawk is already considered grounded before he’s fully landed after a whiffed Dive attempt.

7. After dodging the Tiger Knee portion of Sagat’s Tiger Genocide, Hawk grabs him during the few frames he becomes throwable on the ground.

8. Hawk jumps up over Honda’s whiffed cr.Roundhouse, which leaves his sprite quite far behind his throwbox.

9. Hawk dives over Ken’s hcf+Roundhouse into Axe Kick, to reach the maximum range from which to throw him. Ken’s sprite actually physically leaves his throwbox behind as he moves forward.

10. Hawk dives over Dhalsim’s whiffed far Roundhouse, the sprite of which also strays quite far from its throwbox.

11. Hawk jumps over Vega’s Claw Roll and grabs it at max range.

released today, August 31st, 2013

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6 Responses to ST T.Hawk 720 Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

  1. Maj says:

    Grabbing T.Hawk’s dive was the one that surprised me the most, although it makes sense from your explanation. Grabbing Vega’s roll from so far away was a really good find too. That move’s pretty wonky in general with how far he reaches forward. Maybe there’s some weird combo setup waiting to be found there.

  2. Bob Sagat says:

    Hm, I’ve never put much thought into Vega combos. He seems kinda limited to me, like most of his truly crazy and advanced stuff seems to have been found already. I guess a wrong direction claw roll hit could lead into a combo on Sim or something, but for my money, nothing beats full roll connection on Blanka’s back.

  3. Maj says:

    I meant more along the lines of combos against Vega’s roll. Maybe you could set up some funky crossups where you end up on the wrong side after landing?

  4. Bob Sagat says:

    Oh, I think I know what you mean. Like a grounded side switch after getting hit? Yeah, there could be something there.

  5. NKI says:

    I love it! Nice work, as always, Mr. Sagat.

  6. Bob Sagat says:

    Thank you sir!

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