Multi Game/Character Community Combo Video: Guys Only

Hey, peeps. Bringing a new community combo vid after about a six month absence with a good few contributors with games ranging from the more known like Persona 4 Arena and BBCS Extend to the lesser known such as Rumble Pack and Castlevania Judgement, ranging from the practical to just plain silly and flashy, but all possible. Clocking in at just shy of 21 minutes.


– Mikadok: VF5FS combo at 08:12, Battle Fantasia combos at 01:52, 03:29, and 05:02.
– Zeroqs’ SFxTekken combos at: 01:08, 02:57, 06:26, and 07:07, BBCSEX Jin combo at 13:02.
– Icege’s TTT2 combos at 06:18, 07:33, 10:51, and 12:08.
– Tatsuma’s 100% P4A combos at 03:41, 08:20, and 20:24.


– Mikadok’s El Blaze combo requires the opponent to be near the wall in order for the second hit to force a wall stagger to extend hit stun so the third hit can produce a normal stagger. The rest is just proper positioning near the wall.

– Mikadok’s Battle Fantasia combos. In particular, Face’s gunshots in Heat Up mode produce backwards knockback from behind, allowing him to pull an enemy towards him for the combo. Cedric lands four Saint Dropkicks and three Devotion (flash kicks), one of which is after the Eternity of Regret super.

– Zeroqs’ SFxTekken combos with most making an interesting use of Pandora and/or crumple stun states from counter hit attacks. Also, his BBCSEX Jin combo involving five overheads and two bursts.

– A notable TTT2 combo from Icege being the Eddy/Bruce combo requiring Eddy to have rage in order for it to be a 100% combo.

Soundtrack: Kraddy – Heart Anthem (Cryptex Remix), Mighty Switch Force 2 OST – Exothermic, MvC Beware! Hip Hop Remix by MrSmoothBeatz, Dangan Ronpa OST: Discussion -HOPE vs DESPAIR-, Guilty Crown Beat Instrumental by Richie Branson

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3 Responses to Multi Game/Character Community Combo Video: Guys Only

  1. sithlord says:

    Great job guys! Good to see such a mix of fighting games coalesce into one video.

  2. Snoooootch says:

    How long had you guys been working on this?

  3. Mikadok says:

    Hey, peeps, sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the feedback. :3 We only got to working on it recently, but I kinda took a hiatus from doing stuff like this for a few months due to life stuffs.

    But yeah, hoping these help raise awareness on some of the lesser known titles that might have more to them, while pushing others to look into more known titles a bit further than they usually might.

    There are already peeps readying submissions for a future one. :)

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