KoFXIII Evo 2013 Special Exhibition by Combonauts

Krusan and Tigre III prepared this King of Fighters XIII combo exhibition for Evo2k13, where it was premiered on the main stage before KoFXIII top 8 on Sunday. It contains four minutes of exceptionally stylish combos and a few entertaining zero damage sequences. This video definitely deserves more views than the ~5,000 it currently has!

KoFXIII Mr. Karate cross-under uppercut DM at 0:49, Iori mid-combo Neo Max interrupt at 1:17, Mai double fan chase at 1:51, and Iori double Maiden Masher at 3:33

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combos and editing by Tigre III and Krusan (collectively Combonauts)

soundtrack: Danny Baranowsky – mAEt BOy A_Rival ReMixing

debuted on July 14th, 2013

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