KoF XIII: Kula Diamond Combo Video by Persona

One of the hardest characters to get a 100% combo with unless you’re willing to burn everything you’ve got to achieve it. Even if you’re willing to do that, you can’t really be too creative with her 100% combos simply because it barely KOs the opponent, obviously meaning less variety. One of the trickier characters to build combos for simply because the end of her Neo Max does very little damage so it’s easy to overkill the opponent. Luckily I built the combos in a way where the last hit KOs the opponent. The reason I’m being a bit nitpicky about it is so that you can see exactly how much meter your opponent gets because since it’s training mode and they don’t get KOed, going overkill will build useless meter simply because it’s impossible in a real match. Also I might regret it in the future but as of now, I found no use to include her rapid A attacks (it’s an exclusive trick to her where you can get three hits from one weak attack instead of one) simply because it only works on a standing opponent (meaning you can only do it either at the beginning of a combo or on a stunned opponent) and it kills all the damage very quickly.

Soundtrack: King of Fighters XIII OST: KD-0063

released today, July 3, 2013

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