SSF4AE2012 In the Lab Combo Video by TomSinister

This is a video with Character. It contains very thorough examinations of specific set ups combined to showcase some awesome combos. Dan combos, surprisingly. The E. Ryu combos are refreshing, and the meaties throughout the video are insane!

Highlights: Meaty regular Gadoken set up at 0:24s, and an impeccable E. Ryu Combo Extravaganza starting at 0:51s!

“Secrets” by Will.I.Am

If you don’t absolutely love this video… subscribe to him anyway!

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7 Responses to SSF4AE2012 In the Lab Combo Video by TomSinister

  1. TomSinister says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this Snoooootch! You and Maj are two of my all-time favorite combo vid makers, so I’m really happy to see this here!

    • TomSinister says:

      Also, my handle is TOM Sinister, not Tim XD

    • Maj says:

      Fixed! Sorry about that that, sir.

      Btw i love the E.Ryu finisher at 2:20. Also, those cuts to the end of Dan’s U1 are super clean. Doing that was definitely a good idea.

      Are you planning on making any more combovids?

    • TomSinister says:

      The link into U2 @ 2:20 is neat to me because the EX hado hits on the very last frame of hitstun from the far mp. I love combos that are just barely possible like that. The first Cody combo is kinda like that too; my personal favorite in the video.

      As for another combo video, I’m not sure. I was thinking of doing an in-depth combo vid/tutorial showing how to get max damage as Dan vs. every character in pretty much every situation. But I think that would be really long-winded and boring as hell to watch. I wanna show all of the rediculous character specific BS Dan has to deal with in order to do efficient combos, but I dont know a good way to do it without showing a few hundred combos that all look very similar.

      Another idea I had would be a tutorial video that goes very in depth about frame traps and throw mixups, but I would need to get a lot of examples from actual matches for it to be taken seriously. I dont really want to grind online all day searching for people who know how to tech throws just so I can have a small chance of getting one 3-second clip.

      I’m not really sure what to do next. Do you have any advice you could give me?

  2. Maj says:

    Well, i think it depends on what gets you excited and keeps you motivated enough to finish. Some people like working on long, complicated videos that take a lot of time to make. Those tend to be more memorable than 2-minute videos, but i’ve also seen a lot of people start 10-minute videos and never finish them. (Plus i don’t think it’s a good idea to go over 5-7 minutes nowadays, even if it’s a brilliant concept.)

    Other people have found a comfort zone working on 2-minute videos because it’s much easier to see the end of the tunnel from day one. Plus it’s easier to stay focused on a solid core theme and not get carried away with overproduced editing.

    There are advantages to both types of videos, so it’s really up to what format you enjoy working in. As for tutorials specifically, the main challenge is presenting information neatly, concisely, and with some spark that keeps the viewer interested. The emphasis is obviously on editing rather than capturing purely innovative content. I’ve never considered myself anything more than a barely-decent editor, but i do admire well-edited tutorials.

    Either way, good luck. Lastly, if you find the scope of the project ballooning out of control and losing motivation as a result – simplify.

  3. n00b_saib0t says:

    Am I seeing that Dan v Cody combo right? Roundhouse links to roundhouse?

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