KoF XIII: K’ Combo Video by Persona

I’m not sure if it’s K’ himself or the console version system but his damage has been tone down a ton. Those easy 100% combos you see in the arcade version can still be done but the damage isn’t enough to get 100% anymore. No problem, there’s still ways to get 100% combos but it takes a lot more effort now. First starting out with K’, I’ll admit that it started off pretty bad since there’s already a ton of K’ combos around but once I started getting into him more, tons of ideas started popping up. I think I’ve come to the point where I can be a little fancy (not as fancy as some other people’s combos) but still afford to dish out great damage. Overall this is one of my favorite videos that I’ve done for the game so far.

Soundtrack: King of Fighters XIII OST: KD-0063

released today, April 12, 2013

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