PSASBR: Dante Combo Exhibition 2 by ProjectSeoul

Since Dante’s patch changes in 1.10, it seems more players are picking him up. Here are some ideas to work with! Dante has almost endless combo possibilities and we’re still finding new and interesting ones!

Highlights: 276AP Grab Reset @ 1:08, Kill Confirms @ 1:30 and on, optimized practical Touch of Death @ 2:19

Combos and Editing by ProjectSeoul


0:07 – Karma 2 Empty Cancel
Meter Gain: 146AP

0:16 – Hunger Loop + Cross Up High Time
Meter Gain: 186AP

0:25 – Hacker 3 vs Aerial Opponent Wallbounce Cancel
Meter Gain: 173AP

0:35 – Arbiter Escape Cancel
Meter Gain: 156AP

0:44 – High Time Cancel
Meter Gain: 173AP

0:52 – Style Wallbounce
Meter Gain: 156AP

1:00 – Up Small Platform Wallbounce
Meter Gain: 161AP

1:08 – 276AP Grab Reset Combo
Meter Gain: 128AP+148AP

Kill Confirms

1:35 – Tremor>Hunger>Level 2
Meter Gain: 76AP

1:43 – Off the Wall Arbiter Confirm (nothing but net) Level 2
Meter Gain: 73AP

1:51 – Up Platform Wallbounce Level 2
Meter Gain: 88AP

2:00 – Up Small Platform Wallbounce Level 2
Meter Gain: 101AP

2:09 – Up Small Platform Wallbounce Level 2 (Columbia Example)
Meter Gain: 101AP

2:19 – Optimized Practical Touch of Death
Meter Gain: 128AP
Notes: If you can get 2AP some before hitting your opponent

Soundtrack: TWA – Grave For A Failure

Released April 5th, 2013

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