PSASBR Kratos Combo Video by BlueDeepDive

BlueDeepDive sent in this massive fourteen-minute PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video covering countless permutations of Kratos combos, all causing AP burst or leading to a kill. It does get a little repetitive in some parts, but Kratos players can probably find a few new tricks in it.

PASBR Kratos two-hit D+Square at 3:04, whiff neutral Square at 4:17, double D+Circle at 5:27, F+Square wall-bounce double-cross at 6:27, and triple F+Square at 9:13

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combos by BlueDeepDive, cano3022, metlgearsolid200, and Third_member-3

edited by BlueDeepDive

released on March 29th, 2013

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