KoF XIII: Elisabeth Branctorche Combo Video by Persona

Grapplers aside, Elisabeth is a possible candidate for least amount of combo potential (she was terrible enough in the Arcade version, now on Console version she even lost some stuff that was once comboable making her combo potential drop even further). She has only one midscreen loop and one corner loop. Speaking of corner loop, to be more specific there are two difficulties of the same loop. About 95% of Elisabeth combo videos do the easy version which is dp A, qcf C (1 hit), qcf C. Turning that qcf C into 2 hits is difficult. About 3% of Elisabeth combo videos do it although not on every rep (probably because of the difficulty). As for the 2%, they do it on every rep possibly maximizing her damage output. This combo video does that including all max damage outside of the loop. I’m 99.9% sure this is as good as Elisabeth combos can get (thanks to tool assist).

Soundtrack: King of Fighters XIII OST: Each Promise

released today, April 1, 2013

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