SFxT2013 Cole Combo Video by Boodendorf

After finishing InFamous 2, Boodendorf was inspired to make a Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 combo video starring Cole MacGrath, with costume color customizations to match major characters from the InFamous universe. No one has really taken the time to explore this character in SFxT2013 yet, so it’s definitely a fun combovid to watch.

SFxT2013 Cole triple EX Shockwave wall bounce at 1:38, raw tag trade juggle at 2:05, Lars tag to meaty EX Shockwave juggle at 2:34, and Bob/Cole midscreen Pandora combo at 2:41

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combos and editing by Boodendorf

InFamous 2 OST – Cole MacGrath
InFamous 2 OST – The Final Piece
InFamous 2 OST – Fade Away

released on March 26th, 2013

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