SFRBoF Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

It’s a shame this Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film combovid will probably slip under the radar, because it’s brilliant just like the rest of izumojin’s projects. It’s full of creative setups and absurdly extended juggles, exposing hidden aspects of the game’s combo system that nobody cared enough to explore before. If you’ve got three minutes, it’s definitely worth a look.

SFRBoF Guile corner linkfest at 0:10, Ryu whiff air Hurricane Kick at 0:35, Sawada being weird at 1:23 and and 1:32, and Ken EX DP to super at 1:53, and Akuma flashy midscreen dizzy at 2:13

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combos and editing by izumojin

SFRBoF OST – Vega Stage Theme
SFRBoF OST – Bison Stage Theme

released on February 22nd, 2013

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  1. Bob Sagat says:

    “Sawada being weird” XD

    This was awesome! Keep ’em coming!

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