Battle Capacity Exhibition by UFOranges

Ivan, the creator of Battle Capacity, sent in a combovid by UFOranges with a glowing recommendation, saying he was “blown away and delighted by this video.” It features nearly seven minutes of extremely technical content with every character, pushing the limits of the combo system. It’s pretty fun to watch even if you’ve never heard of the game before.

BCAP Krilowatt full-screen crossup juggle at 1:27, Cyclohm double-Twister touch-of-death at 3:25, Kitsunoh midscreen flame juggle at 4:00, and Voodoom touch-of-death routine at 6:27

if you like this video:
Visit the Battle Capacity homepage to download the game and try it out.
Head over to UFORanges’ channel and subscribe for more obscure doujin combos.

combos and editing by UFOranges

soundtrack: Beatmania IID – Ganymede (ETIA. Hard Trance Remix)

released on February 17th, 2013

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  1. Bob Sagat says:

    Wow, some crazy animation in this game! I like the design of Voodoom.
    What’s with the mystery bag being beaten up? Is that a training mode thing or something?

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