MK9 Avengers Combo Video Episode 1 by Tony-T

Tony-T released a Mortal Kombat concept combo video awhile back that flew beneath the radar. Tony-T brings us the first installment…and it’s loaded to the brim with extremely clever editing and skillful combos!

Highlights: Hulk/Hawkeye 70% combo @6:18; Hulk/Captain America 15-hit 93% beatdown combo @9:15; Iron Man/Thor 108% combo to 92% tag-in trap combo

Combos and editing by Tony-T

Soundtrack – OST from: -The Incredible Hulk
-The Avengers
-Mortal Kombat 9

Additional Notes: The customs were from a hacked a PS3, which made the concept possible. Tony-T is said to be working on Episode 2 and has stated that a 3rd Episode is planned with special guest (presumably Mortal Kombat combo legend: Check) or two. Stay tuned.

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