TTT2 – Wang & Zafina: A Game Of Combos by sithlord

sithlord from Kerberos finally gets around to making a dual character CMV with his two mains in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Highlights: 12-hit near death combo from Waning Moon @1:27; Scarecrow combo @2:07; Gettiing a d+3,4 after many hits on the wall to a Ki Charge @2:37; Parry trap on Tag Assualt to full combo @3:24

Combos and editing performed by sithlord

Fun Facts:
~Originally titled: You Can’t Beat My Wang
~Title was inspired from Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
~I wanted to use the music from the movie soundtrack but couldn’t get it to work in a way I like.

Sound Track: Tommy Talamanca – Vostok

Released February 16, 2013

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