TTT2 – Zafina: She Is My Sin CMV by sithlord

Kerberos productions returns with a character combo video. Zafina from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is explored in sithlord’s latest installment. While not officially a “SIN” based concept, Zafina is labelled as my Tekken “SIN”.

Highlights: two unblockables used in a non-wall combo @0:37; Alisa unblockable High Rocket attack hitting grounded opponent @2:31; Marduk denying Zafina’s TA filler @2:53; Shining Wizard grabbing the airborne opponent at literally the last possible pixel @4:31

Combos and editing by sithlord

Additional notes: Because I used the song in it’s entirety instead of my normal “slice and splice” method, I actually tailored some of the combos to coincide with the song. For example, when the singing starts, you see a combo performed on Angel. When the lyric “I am the Fallen” starts, you see a combo on an opponent hit to the ground. etc, etc.

Soundtrack: Nightwish – She Is My Sin

Release date: January 18th 2013

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