PSASBR: Toro Combo Exhibition by Shinryu

Toro Inoue is a very unique character in that he’s essentially three characters in one with his three stances. Each stance already has a great deal of combo potential alone, but with the ability to change stances on the fly, he can combine them for some very stylish combos.

Justice box bounce at 0:48, Justice throw combo at 0:59, Justice double wall bounce at 1:11, Torobi triple scorpion at 1:41, Torobi teleport combo at 1:47, Torobi 172 AP shuriken loop at 2:17, Oni dive kick loop at 2:47, Oni mochi loop at 3:05, Oni stylish double cancel at 3:12, stylish triple stance at 4:47, Oni and Torobi 162 AP at 5:36, stylish triple stance into super at 5:55

All combos were performed by hand. Combos range from easy to perform anywhere to difficult to execute requiring precise positioning. The only requirement was that every combo must either trigger an AP burst by exceeding 99 AP or combo into a super.

combos and editing by Shinryu


For the single stance combos, no mention of stance is mentioned in the inputs. For the combination combos, I put the stance in parenthesis when a switch was made. Most combos are links, but there are some cancels. The notation used is “xx” for a regular cancel (Simply canceling one attack into another) and “sc” for a stance cancel (Canceling the stance change attack with any Triangle attack).

Justice Toro

0:18 DB+Square, DF+Triangle, U+Circle xx U+Triangle, j.U+Square
130 AP. Toro’s D+Square hits twice, first in front of him, then behind him. By doing DB+Square, you’ll hit with the second hit instead of the first, giving you a longer period to follow up the attack. Toro’s U+Circle can be stance canceled like F+Circle and D+Circle, but it also has the property that its attack can be canceled into any Triangle attack. As such, U+Circle xx U+Triangle was used as a faster alternative to U+Triangle, U+Triangle.

0:22 U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
130 AP. This pretty much only works in a spot with a platform with a wall on the second level. You have to time the first j.U+Square so that it comes out just as you’re reaching the second level. Any longer and you’ll take too long to recover for the follow up U+Triangle.

0:27 j.Square (Behind), Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
140 AP. Toro’s j.Square has a lot of useful properties. The one being showcased here is that if it hits behind Toro, then it does 10 AP rather than the 5 AP it generates if you hit in front. To change directions from it, you input Triangle, then the direction of the enemy; if you try to turn around first, they’ll recover.

0:32 Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Circle
130 AP. The idea here was to have a ground bounce and a ceiling bounce. There aren’t many places where Toro can combo off a ceiling bounce. The majority of platforms allow you to pass through them, and most ceilings are too high for Toro’s attacks.

0:37 j.D+Square, Triangle, D+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle
155 AP. The j.D+Square is used because of its low AP gain compared to the rest of his attacks. By starting with it, you’re able to reach 90 AP rather than 80 AP when you’re aiming to finish the combo. This also demonstrates another of j.Square‘s special properties: it can be canceled into any Triangle attack. If you try to do U+Triangle, j.F+Triangle it will not connect; the start-up is too slow, but if you stick the faster j.Square in the middle, you’re able to connect it all.

0:43 U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle
130 AP. A flat surface only allows you to connect three of these at most, but with a nice inclined plane to work with, Toro can Uphold Justice the entire combo.

0:48 Triangle, D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.Triangle, UB+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
131 AP. Justice’s j.Triangle seems like a worse j.F+Triangle initially. It only does 10 AP versus 30 AP, but has the benefits of being a little faster and having significantly less knockback. Here, we use it mid combo to wall bounce at a low height. This gives Toro enough time to recover and follow it up in the other direction. The second U+Triangle lost some of its AP generation because it hit the box. This should work in any corner, but I wanted to show something stylish in the cramped initial portion of the Stowaways stage.

0:54 F+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Triangle, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle
155 AP. Joudan Sokutougeri is one of my favorite fighting game attacks of all time, so it’s hard for me not to want to make excessive use of Justice’s F+Triangle. In corners without walls (There are quite a few besides the Dojo!), you’re able to combo it into itself four times for 150 AP. For a little extra AP, though, you can finish it with a j.Square xx j.F+Triangle.

0:59 D+Throw, Triangle, UB+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
130 AP. I initially didn’t think Toro could do anything significant off of any of his throws, but if you’re the right distance from a wall, Justice can rack up some AP. Change directions after Triangle’s wall bounce, but you also need to delay the U+Triangle until the opponent is about to touch the ground. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to connect with the third U+Triangle. The j.U+Square is also quite difficult to connect after a triple U+Triangle; you have to jump the perfect height quickly. Slightly too low, you whiff. Slightly too high, the opponent will recover right as you attack.

1:05 j.U+Square, D+Triangle, F+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle
155 AP. This combo is actually pretty easy compared to a lot of the other so far, but the hard part about it is getting that perfect distance from the wall for the F+Triangle to both get a wall bounce and put them in range for a follow up attack.

1:11 j.Square xx j.Triangle, Triangle, UB+Triangle, U+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.U+Square
145 AP. The idea for this combo was to utilize both Justice’s j.Triangle and ground Triangle for a double wall bounce. The terrain on the Franzea stage allows you to follow it up with a triple U+Triangle that normally wouldn’t connect at those heights on a flat surface.

1:17 j.D+Square, Triangle, D+Triangle, F+Triangle, Level 1
80 AP. This only works on the Stowaways stage. It has a corner without a wall, but with no ground to let you abuse it as you would other such corners. Without a wall, Justice’s F+Triangle has an impressively long hit stun period, and the platform is just close enough for Kuro to send Toro flying into your target. Any combo that ends with F+Triangle here would be able to combo into Level 1.

1:23 F+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Triangle, Level 1
90 AP. Works in any corner without a wall. Any combo ending in F+Triangle here will let to land a Level 1 super, but since there’s ground here, may as well use my favorite attack multiple times in a row. If you’re in a situation without time for style, just do one F+Triangle into super instead.

Torobi the Kat

1:33 j.Square, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Triangle, UB+Triangle
141 AP. Introducing Torobi’s shuriken loop. It works in any corner or at the edge of a platform. The timing is pretty tight.

1:41 j.Square xx j.Triangle, Triangle, j.Triangle
133 AP. This works in this one spot. I can’t think of any other spots where there is a low platform with an incline in it. You cancel the recovery of the first j.Triangle by landing on the platform, and you greatly reduce the recovery of Triangle by having an incline behind you. This gives you just enough time to land a second j.Triangle to close out combo. The name of the attack is Scorpion Wants You; seems like he found the wrong Raiden, though.

1:46 j.U+Square, D+Triangle, UB+Square, U+Square, Double Jump, j.Square xx j.Triangle
141 AP. It took me forever to find an AP burst combo that contain the teleport in it. This requires a corner without a wall, but you’re the one who needs to be cornered initially. Torobi’s j.Triangle is Toro’s best combo finisher at 36 AP, and depending on the situation, you can stick a j.Square in front of it for a little extra.

1:51 j.Square, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Triangle, j.B+Triangle
131 AP. Another example of a shuriken loop combo, this time into a Toro-pedo in the opposite direction.

1:59 F+Circle, U+Square, F+Triangle, j.U+Square (Behind) xx j.B+Triangle, Double Jump, j.Square xx j.Triangle
138 AP. Torobi’s Toro-pedo attack has a lot of interesting properties when inclined planes become involved. Depending on how you hit your opponent, you could knock the opponent into the air with an instant recovery, allowing for a follow up. That’s not the only possibility, though…

2:05 F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, D+Square, j.Square xx J.Triangle
161 AP. Showing some more variation on the shuriken loop. You can substitute D+Square on your last U+Square, but only the last one. F+Circle has too long of a start-up for you to loop it with D+Square. Couple the loop with our best finisher of j.Square xx j.Triangle, and you get some pretty nice AP.

2:11 j.U+Square, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle, U+Square, F+Triangle, j.Square (Behind) xx j.Triangle
141 AP. Showing another possible use for Torobi’s Toro-pedo. At the end of an inclined plane, you can aim it such that the final kick whiffs. This will leave both of you grounded, but your opponent with just enough hit stun for you to bust out an U+Square. To do the j.Triangle in the correct direction after the j.Square (Behind), you press Triangle then immediately after press the direction; if you input it earlier, you’ll do another Toro-pedo instead.

2:17 j.U+Triangle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Triangle, j.Triangle
172 AP. Torobi’s U+Triangle has some very interesting properties. Like the ground version, it throws three shuriken upwards. Each shuriken is worth 10 AP if they hit separately. If they hit simultaneously, the first does 10 AP and the others do 3 AP each. If this attack is used to start a combo, yet another unique property arises. In the case that two or three shuriken hit simultaneously, you get the 13 or 16 AP, but that first 10 AP is not counted towards the infinite avoidance limit. As such, you’re able to reach 106 AP rather than 99 as your limit before an AP burst. Reaching 106 then finishing with Torobi’s j.Triangle gives you his highest AP combo, at least for now.

2:24 j.U+Square, Level 1
20 AP. Of course, all three stances can do this combo. Torobi gets it because it has the least combos in this video. I’ve heard some people claim this is difficult to hit confirm, but it feels like a huge window compared to other games.

2:29 j.F+Triangle, Level 1
20 AP. Any situation that causes Toro-pedo‘s recovery to be canceled will let you combo into a Level 1 super. This includes doing it along platforms, doing it along inclined planes, and doing it from a lower level.

2:32 j.Square, U+Square, j.Square xx j.F+Triangle, Level 1
61 AP. An example of using j.F+Triangle mid-combo in order to land a Level 1 super. Requires an inclined plane to pull off.

Oni Toro

2:42 U+Square, j.D+Triangle, U+Square, j.D+Triangle, D+Triangle
140 AP. Oni’s standard dive kick loop. You’ll see almost Toro every doing this because it’s easy and effective.

2:47 j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, D+Triangle
155 AP. I wasn’t getting enough dive kick in my dive kick loop so I came up with a revised dive kick loop with double the dive kicks. Requires much less running and generates more AP, but at the same time, it also has less room for error. It’s pretty easy to accidentally do a j.F+Square off a forward jump.

2:54 j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx D+Triangle, U+Square, j.D+Triangle, D+Triangle
150 AP. The beautiful thing about my new loop is that it’s fully compatible with old loop. Mix and match as you please.

2:58 DB+Square, DF+Circle, U+Square, j.U+Square, Double Jump, U+Triangle
138 AP. One of Oni’s biggest downsides is that it’s transformation attack is very slow, making it difficult to combo into, and is knocks the opponent away, making it difficult to follow up. With a corner without a wall, though, you can make some magic happen. Using DB+Square to make the second sweep hit, then DF+Circle to attack in the correct direction. The headbutts have a good amount of hit stun on airborne targets, so you’re given enough time to chase after the opponent for a big finish.

3:05 j.Triangle (Mid), U+Square, j.Square xx j.Triangle, U+Square, j.Square xx j.Triangle, Triangle
130 AP. Why should dive kicks be the only ones to get a loop? The mochi loop will work in any corner or platform edge, much like Torobi’s shuriken loop. Could generate 10 more AP if you end with U+Square, but I wanted as much mochi as possible.

3:12 j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, U+Square, j.Square xx j.U+Triangle xx j.Triangle, F+Triangle
130 AP. It’s completely irrelevant to have the dive kick cross up, but it sure does look nice. For this combo, it’s important to make sure the first j.Square is the 5 AP version. On the second j.Square, it’s imperative to delay your cancel into j.U+Triangle slightly, or else it will completely whiff.

3:19 Triangle (Mid), Level 1
20 AP. Requires a little distance to give you time to recover, but it’s not a difficult hit confirm. This has the added benefit that you can roll out of the charge time to keep your opponent guessing.

3:23 j.Triangle (Mid), Level 1
20 AP. Much easier to hit confirm than the ground version as you don’t have to deal with your recovery time, but you’re forced to commit to a mochi ball once you start.

3:27 j.Triangle (Max), Level 1
30 AP. The fully charge mochi ball’s guard break property gives you an easy super if they try to block.

3:32 Triangle (Max), Level 1
30 AP. Same as the air version, but like with the middle charge, you can roll away if you think it’s a risk.

3:36 j.Triangle (Max), Level 1
30 AP. This only works in this location. Takes advantage of having the high ground and the huge wall bounce from a fully charged mochi ball.

3:41 j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, Level 1
95 AP. Any dive kick that hits mid to low on the opponent can combo into a Level 1 super. Either dive kick loop works great for this; gives you a long time to hit confirm.

3:48 Triangle (Mid), Level 2
20 AP. This is technically a combo, but you have to commit to the Level 2 super before the mochi ball even hits. Not something you could hit confirm, obviously.

3:54 Triangle (Max), Level 2
30 AP. Making use of the wall bounce of a fully charged mochi ball, you can combo into a Level 2 super. As with the previous combo, you have to commit to the super without a hit confirm. In this situation, though, it would take some excellent timing to escape.

4:00 Triangle (Max), Level 2
30 AP. Same setup as the previous combo. By making use of the fully charge mochi ball’s guard break, you can combo into Level 2 this way as well.


4:11 (Oni) j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice) sc Triangle, D+Triangle, F+Triangle
150 AP. Turning the Oni dive kick loop into an easy Justice combo.

4:17 (Justice) j.Square, Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Circle (Torobi) sc F+Triangle, U+Triangle
141 AP. Torobi’s F+Triangle is a perfect follow-up to Justice’s F+Triangle in corners without walls.

4:23 (Torobi) F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, D+Circle (Oni) sc Triangle
130 AP. Taking Torobi’s shuriken loop and finishing it with Oni’s fiery projectile. All of Oni’s other options on a stance change are too slow to combo.

4:31 (Oni) j.D+Triangle, U+Square, j.D+Triangle, F+Circle (Torobi), U+Square, j.Square xx j.Triangle
161 AP. Oni’s dive kick loop can lead into a very strong combo with Torobi’s j.Triangle finisher.

4:37 (Torobi) F+Circle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, U+Circle xx D+Triangle
130 AP. Torobi’s shuriken loop can also be easily followed up with some Justice action.

4:41 (Justice) j.U+Square, j.D+Circle (Oni) sc j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, D+Triangle
150 AP. A j.U+Square while you’re in Justice or Torobi can easily be converted into an Oni dive kick loop.

4:47 (Oni) j.Square xx j.D+Circle, j.Square xx j.D+Circle, F+Circle (Torobi), D+Square, j.F+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice)
147 AP. A stylish combo combining all three stances. Requires very precise spacing and timing to ensure that the D+Square and (Torobi) F+Triangle works as desired when you reach the inclined plane.

4:54 (Oni) j.Square xx j.D+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice) sc Triangle, D+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Circle (Torobi), U+Triangle
145 AP. After the (Justice) F+Triangle, you have to time the F+Circle just right. If you do it too late, more than one shuriken will connect causing an AP burst. Do it too early, and you just drop the combo.

5:00 (Torobi) j.U+Triangle, U+Square, F+Circle, U+Square, U+Circle (Justice) sc D+Triangle, U+Triangle, j.UB+Square
156 AP. Another example of using (Torobi) U+Triangle to exceed the normal infinite avoidance limit. This works in corners or at the edge of platforms, but in the former, you need to change direction when you do the j.U+Square at the end.

5:06 (Oni) Triangle (Max), F+Circle (Torobi), U+Square, U+Circle (Justice) sc D+Square, F+Triangle
140 AP. Taking advantage of guard break to lead into a triple stance combo.

5:13 (Torobi) j.U+Triangle, U+Square, U+Circle (Justice) sc D+Triangle, F+Triangle, D+Circle (Oni) sc D+Triangle
146 AP. A triple stance taking advantage of a corner without a wall. In retrospect, it should be possible to stick a (Justice) U+Triangle before the F+Triangle for a total of 166 AP with some more difficult timing.

5:18 (Oni) j.Square (Behind) xx j.DB+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice) sc D+Triangle, F+Triangle, F+Circle (Torobi) sc F+Triangle, j.Triangle
156 AP. At the right distance, (Torobi) F+Triangle won’t change sides. The hit stun on it isn’t that great though, so at that height, sticking a j.Square in for a little extra AP isn’t an option.

5:23 (Oni) j.D+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice) sc Triangle, D+Triangle, F+Triangle, D+Circle (Oni) sc D+Triangle
150 AP. An easy 150 AP combo off a dive kick in a corner without a wall.

5:29 (Oni) j.D+Triangle, U+Square, j.Square xx J.D+Triangle, DB+Square, F+Circle (Torobi) sc F+Triangle, j.Triangle
161 AP. Combining both of Oni’s dive kick loops into non-loop, switching to Torobi to get a high AP finish. Easy to confirm and works anywhere. Note that you will have to switch sides on the (Torobi) j.Triangle, which as stated earlier, is done by pressing Triangle then the direction immediately after.

5:36 (Oni) j.Square (Behind) xx j.DB+Triangle, U+Square, j.D+Triangle, F+Circle (Torobi) sc Triangle, j.Triangle
162 AP. Inclined planes can also be used in the other direction, much to the benefit of (Torobi) Triangle.

5:41 (Torobi) j.Square, j.D+Circle (Oni) sc j.D+Triangle, j.Square xx D+Triangle, j.Square xx D+Triangle, Level 1
90 AP. Any j.U+Square from Torobi or Justice can easily be converted into a dive kick into a Level 1 super. You can even loop it a bit for AP if no one is coming after you.

5:49 (Torobi) j.Square, j.D+Circle (Oni) sc j.D+Triangle, U+Circle (Justice) sc U+Triangle, F+Triangle, Level 1
90 AP. In a corner without a wall, any combo ending in (Justice) F+Triangle will let you end with a Level 1 super.

5:55 (Justice) j.U+Square, j.D+Circle (Oni) sc j.D+Triangle, DB+Square, F+Circle (Torobi) sc F+Triangle, j.B+Triangle, Level 1
90 AP. A combo into Level 1 super taking advantage of the stairs to cancel Toro-pedo‘s recovery. Requires very precise aiming on the dive kick so that you’ll be able to combo the DB+Square after it.

Street Fighter X Tekken – TORO/KURO Special BGM
Street Fighter X Tekken – TORO/KURO VS BGM

released today, January 1, 2013

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