Marvel Combo Exhibition 2012 by Izumojin

It’s almost the end of the year and Izumojin is back with another video! It’s another compilation video featuring all the old-school versus games. To make up for his absence this year, he put together a whopping 15-minute video filled with glitches and combos!

0:33 – XvSF: Chun-Li switching sides a million times versus Juggernaut. 1:06 – CotA: Elaborate Spiral combo with a crazy set up and tons of knives. 2:43 – MSH: Magneto triple Infinity Counter combo versus Anita. 12:05 – MvSF: Shuma-Gorath combo’ing Blackheart across the entire screen. 12:57 – MvC: Strider Hiryu using all sorts of mechanics to combo Hulk.

Editor: Izumojin

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Games Featured:
X-Men: Children of the Atom
Marvel Super Heroes
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Capcom

Ace Combat Zero – Zero
Ace Combat Zero – Arcade Elemental Particle 2
Ace Combat Zero – Avalon
Ace Combat Zero – Diapason

Released today, December 16th, 2012

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One Response to Marvel Combo Exhibition 2012 by Izumojin

  1. n00b_saib0t says:

    Its amazing that new content is still being discovered in these games. The Chun Li and Magneto combos are head and shoulders above the rest though IMO, and being in the beginning I felt they set a false tone to the video. The Dr. Doom combo was kinda cool because it made me want to yell FOOT DI-FOOT DIVE.

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