VS/VH2/VS2 Small Combo Compilation #01 by Keiko

Thanks to all the renewed interest in the Darkstalkers series, Keiko decided to release ten previously recorded combos from Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2, and Vampire Savior 2. Darkstalkers combos are always fun to watch, and this video is no exception to that.

VS Felicia feline teamwork at 0:07, Rikuo swim meet at 1:01, Lilith mirror beatdown at 1:33, Hsien-Ko corner 100% damage at 1:51, and Morrigan astral rushdown at 2:25

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combos and editing by Keiko

soundtrack: Revenge of Shinobi OST – Terrible Beat

released on November 5th, 2012

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