AH3 HomingCancel Community Combo Video

This video covers a variety of combos for many characters in Arcana Heart 3. It includes everything from optimized practical combos for everyday play, flashy combos you haven’t seen before, hard to block okizeme setups, weird stuff with super armor, and of course glitches.

AH3 Yoriko midscreen long-range combo at 3:44, Maori full-stage traversal juggle at 6:48, Petra bullet frenzy at 8:16, Eko imaginary chaos at 8:30, Clarice midscreen waterfall combo at 10:34, and Akane sweep exhibition at 11:33

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combos by AntiTidus, BeatsofDevil, Bill307, Greats, M.Song, Nadakaineko, Orka, and SoulOfSamurai

edited by Greats

AH2 Suggoi Remix – Heartful!! (Video Game Mix)
AH2 Suggoi Remix – Angelia (Storing Water Mix)
AH2 Suggoi Remix – Song Of Edo (Era Mix)
AH2 Suggoi Remix – Peace Is The Best (Coda Mix)

released on November 8th, 2012

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