VF5:FS Judgement 6 Combo Video by tmd02

Very little is known regarding the mysterious organisation dubbed “Judgement 6”, however the time has come for them to judge! This Virtua Fighter combo video features all characters involved in J-6’s evil deeds, including Sarah, Jean Kujo, Vanessa, Dural and Goh Hinogami!

highlights: Sarah 120 damage non wall combo at 0:56, iWSK and Flamingo P2K:K:K variations with Sarah, multiple stuns with 66P and QCFPK with Jean starting at 2:32, 132 damage non wall combo with Jean at 3:22, 216 damage combo (with stagger hits) at 3:30, Vanessa multiple K+G at 4:20, 146 damage non wall combo with Vanessa at 5:01, Goh 127 damage on Taka at 8:46, 192 damage combo (with stagger hit) with Goh at 09:58.

combos and editing by tmd02

Soundtracks in the credits at the end of the video.

Released today, August 22nd, 2012

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