VF5FS Combo Video by Team Perfect Input

Recently, me and my team “Perfect Input” (founded by Scary Mashed Potatoes/S.M.P) made a 9 minute Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown combo video. We just want to show that despite being a Tekken oriented team, we can make combo videos using other fantastic fighting game titles, and VF is definitely a great fighting game title! Click below to view!

Goh 16 frame advantage juggle at 2:58, various Dural and Akira combos at 3:31 & 7:07, Lei-Fei tech-trap combo at 5:36, Brad 5 hit standing combo with stagger at 6:53, Goh CH non-wall + stagger combo at 7:52, Pai multiple 19 frame advantage combo at 8:12, Brad multiple 46P+K combo at 8:21

combos by Bullrage, tmd02, Kknator95, Apocryphic Visions

edited by tmd02

Soundtracks in the credits of the video

released on July 23rd, 2012

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