VF5FS PRIME by Caj814

I have been working on this multi-character combo video since Final Showdown first came out last month. I wanted to show a variety of combos and setups taking advantage of the new system changes and give people a good idea on how it works.

The video covers a variety of situational combos that involve being mid-screen, near the edge of a ring or close to a wall and throws you can combo into depending on your position and frame advantage.

200 damage Lion wall combo at 5:15, El Blaze Command Throw into Wall Combo at 8:32, Jean multiple Ground Bounce Wall Combo at 9:56

combos and editing by Caj814

Thanks to themysterymeatman for gathering timestamps for each characters combo set:
00:34 Akira
01:04 Jacky
01:27 Jeffry
02:00 Sarah
02:37 Wolf
03:11 Lau
03:38 Pai
04:02 Kage
04:35 Shun
05:00 Lion
05:31 Aoi
06:31 Lei-fei
07:00 Vanessa
07:29 Brad
07:59 Goh
08:31 El Blaze
08:59 Eileen
09:34 Jean´╗┐

Some of these combos can be struggled out of or throw escaped but is shown just to demonstrate what is possible if you catch your opponent off guard like in any other fighter.

Special Thanks:
The greatest resource for all your Virtua Fighter needs

Doopliss for the 3 Goh combos. Check out his channel below

sithlord for some inspiration on combo ideas. VF5FS combos are being added regularly on his channel below.

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Escape Goat -Shinji Hosoe – Escape Beat

released July 17th, 2012

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