SFxT “Crush the Line!” by Doopliss

This is my first full SFxT Combo Video. It features mostly shorter combos, and has no combos using Cross Assault, Pandora or Gems. I also put some effort in making a lot of custom colors for the characters. All of them are based on something, so look closely and you might recognize some of them.

Highlights: Rufus Crumple pick-up at 1:35, Zangief & Akuma Tag Cancel juggle glitch at 2:27, Mega Man Ice Blaster barrage at 4:01, Vega meaty Roll to Super at 4:12

Combos and editing by Doopliss


0:16 A Ryu and Ken triple Tag Cancel combo. Ryu’s js.HK can hit stanging Hugo on the way up, allowing you to Tag Cancel and continue with Ken. In the end I use SCDC to dash out of Ryu’s first c.HP, past Hugo, then connect another c.HP from the other side.

0:27 Seems Ryu’s EX Fireball doesn’t raise the Juggle Counter.

0:34 Hugo is launched high enough by Ryu’s c.HP to allow Ryu to pass under him with LK Tatsu, hitting him with the 2nd hit, which gives Ryu time to juggle with his Super.

0:42 If you tag cancel a launcher with the back to the wall, Vega has time to juggle with his non-EX Izuna Drop, which is a true grab and can’t be juggled into normally.

0:51 Lili can do two EX Feisty Rabbits in a row, and the 2nd one has different properties. It does more damage, and has enough hitstun to combo into the Rabbit Thorn Follow-up. You need to get a Counterhit on the last hit of the first EX Feisty Rabbit for them combo.

0:57 It seems the MP Yoga Fire needs to be counterhit for the j.d.LK to connect, couldn’t get it to work otherwise. Other juggles seem unaffected by the Counterhit.

1:03 Marduk Can combo into his EX DLTD from a Groundbounce. The linked far s.HP afterwards might be character specific, couldn’t get it to work on Dhalsim.

1:14 Bob can loop Granchi Cannon multiple times, but ti’s not an infinite if I recall correctly. I only did it three times for execution reasons.

1:25 Akuma’s Shakunetsu Hadoken doesn’t add do the Juggle Counter, nor does the first hit of both his s.HKs. This gives him some very long juggles if you utilize them. I still had enough juggle potential left to combo all three hits of HP SRK in the end.

1:35 Rufus’ c.HP causes Crumple on counterhit. If you hit a crumpled opponent too late with a normal, they reset as if they were hit in the air. I link an EX SCDC after the c.HP to allow me to juggle with his Target Combo, which also works with far s.LK in this game. Thanks to it’s added juggle time, f.HP can be cancelled into HK Messiah Kick, and it also allows you to juggle with the MK follow-up, which does more damage than the LK one.

1:46 Rolento can Juggle with EX Knife Toss if the opponent is high enough. Doesn’t work in the corner, so you need to do a long combo before the EX Patriot Circle to get some space to work with. You might be able to juggle with something afterwards or continue the combo with Tag Cancel, but I wasn’t able to do it.

1:52 Cole’s Shock Grenades knock down on counterhit. They also launch you very high into the air if you let them explode automatically instead of touching the opponent. This set-up gave me enough time to Raw Tag into Heihachi and Juggle with his Super. You need a move with really high Juggle Potential to juggle from this, since a Raw Tag doesn’t reset the Juggle Counter like a Tag Cancel does.

2:03 Mega Man has really limited juggles without EX, his non-EX moves are too slow or adds too much to the juggle counter for you to be able to juggle afterwards if you use them in a juggle.

2:12 Juri can combo c.HP jump cancelled into j.HP on standing Hugo. It’s one frame away from being an infinite, but you can loop it using released Fuhajins. Only looped it twice for execution and pacing reasons.

2:25 If you Tag Cancel Akuma’s HK Tatsu into Zangief’s lariat, they both gain an extra hit. Zangief can gain an extra hit on his lariat this way with any Tag Cancelled move that lasts long enough. Here I use it to get the 1st and 3rd hit of Quick Double lariat, allowing me to juggle with HP Headbutt, tag cancelled into an extended juggle with Akuma, using the tricks mentioned above (1:25) to perserve Juggle Potential. You need to walk back a few frames to get the far s.HK.

2:35 s.MP, c.HP xx LK Shredder makes the shredder only hit once, barely allowing you to juggle with a s.LP. f.HP can only be juggled into from a Groundbounce, and it can only be cancelled into the rest of the string or Paul’s QCF moves, including the Super.

2:48 Negative Edge-ing Cole’s HCF+PP without the orangel lightningbolt and the EX activation sound. This also works one some other characters’ Charge move. The cross-up f.HP seems to be character specific, I remember trying it on someone else and it didn’t work.

2:56 Counterhit c.HP allows you to delay the hit of LP Yoga Fire long enough for you to be able to link after it. HCB+KKK allows you to juggle afterwards, which is a rare trait for a Super in this game. I think you can only hit tall characters with it when they’re standing.

3:04 Counterhit MP Headbutt causes a weird knockdown. It’s basically a normal knockdown followed by a Groundbounce. This gives you a lot of time to space a Quick Double Lariat so it only hits with the last hit, allowing you to juggle with HP headbutt. Marduk’s Super can only be juggled into from a Tag Cancelled Groundbounce, his j.HK probably adds too much to the Juggle Counter.

3:16 At the perfect distance, Cole can loop QCB+LP+HP. It also gives you a lot of time to act afterwards. Here I choose to follow up with his slide string, which only combos with the Follow-Up if you’re far away when you use it.

3:25 Each juggled EX Phoenix Smasher raises the Juggle Counter by 3, so there’s nothing that can juggle after the 3rd one. Gives you time to set up a quite powerful high/lox mix-up though.

3:32 Dhalsim can combo two supers in a row, this is a way to do it while obeying meter restrictions.

3:40 A Cole combo where I use all of his Specials. Full-screen HP Shock Grenade Links quite nicely into HCF+HK. MP Shock Grenade followed by HCF+HK is a really ambiguous mix-up if they don’t roll. If you don’t cross-up, the HCF+HK will connect, allowing you to do another combo.

3:55 Toro’s air EX Tatsu acts differently than Ryu’s, allowing him to easily juggle after an incomplete one. It seems his Super has worse Juggle potential than Ryu’s though, only hitting twice.

4:01 Mega Man’s normal Ice Blaster gives you just enough time to link s.LP afterwards. There’s a total of 9 Ice Blasters in this combo, 3 of them being EX.

4:12 Having your back to the wall allows Vega to cancel s.HP into EX Sky High Claw. The c.LP and c.MP are timed just right, making the LP RCF hit meaty, allowing you to link Super afterwards. Hugo walking towards me just made it easier to retry the combo when I failed by automatically pushing me into the corner, it’s not necessary for the combo.

4:22 If Paul does Counterhit EX Phoenix Smasher with his back to the wall, the wallbounce will fail. Added Mega man running in as Captain Falcon for the lulz.

4:26 Marduk Tag Cancels his b.MP into Rare Akuma’s Instant Kill Raging Demon. This causes Mega Man to get a game over.

Virtua Fighter V Final Showdown – Ruins/Eileen theme
God Hand – Sunset Heroes
Capcom VS SNK 2 – True love makin’
Mega Man 3 – Game Over Theme

Released today, July 22nd, 2012

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  1. Maj says:

    Nice job dude, very fun video as always. I saw a lot of cool stuff i hadn’t seen before, but that last Vega combo at 4:12 was definitely the highlight of the video for me.

  2. Doopliss says:

    Thanks, the Vega one is probably my favorite too.

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