PASBR Evo2k12 Panel Combo Video

Clockw0rk and i put together this combo video for the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale panel at Evo 2012. We tried to show a broad range of basic and intermediate combos, with a couple of advanced ones at the end. When we noticed people searching for blurry stream rips after Evo, we decided to upload the original version to youtube. Personally, i can’t wait for the entire fighting game community to get your hands on this game and start showing us creative new combos!

PASBR Sweet Tooth meaty air flame breath juggle at 0:59, Drake quadruple jump combo at 1:14, Parappa mid-combo platforming at 1:37, Heihachi wall bounce Jichinsai finisher at 1:42, and Sly Cooper teleport thievery at 1:47

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combos by Maj

edited by Clockw0rk

debuted on July 8th, 2012 at Evo2k12

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2 Responses to PASBR Evo2k12 Panel Combo Video

  1. onReload says:

    Some of this looks fantastic. Maj I remember you and Magnetro did a combo video for God of War (II?), and some of Kratos’ aesthetics definitely seem to be in there…do you have a specific character you’re assigned to?

    Also it must have been amazing to have a partner like Clockw0rk, who actually gets fighting games, to help with combos. There are so many things I want to test with a human second player but it would take way too long to get them inside my head, to see what it is I’m going for etc. I guess that’s where programming/scripting comes in, but that has its own issues.

  2. Maj says:

    Working with Clockw0rk is great. We’ve got a lot of people on the team who really get fighting games though. My coworkers tell me all kinds of random ideas for combos.

    In fact, my favorite combo in the video might be that Heihachi juggle with the Tekken bowling pin, and the setup for that was suggested by Heihachi’s animator, Jerome. (You know you’re working in a top tier fighting game studio when animators are giving you combo ideas!)

    We actually worked very closely with Sony Santa Monica to get Kratos to look and feel as much like the Kratos from God of War as possible. We do that with every studio that lends us a character, so they all end up feeling super authentic. As for me, my day-to-day work is mostly focused on items, but i’ve also helped flesh out the combo system and just character balance in general. We have a lot of really good character designers though, so Kratos and Parappa are in capable hands.

    Don’t worry about scripting combos just yet. You can get pretty far with an idle dummy and a static level wall. You don’t even need fancy trade setups to come up with really interesting combos. I think you guys will have a lot of fun with it.

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