Air Throw Exhibition

For this year’s Evo showcase video, we decided to try something a little different. The theme of this project is celebrating one of the coolest mechanics in fighting games – the air throw!

This is primarily a tool-assisted gameplay video. No cheats, hacks, or game-altering devices were used in the making of these recordings. Both of the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale combos were recorded directly from the playable E3 2012 Build, with no tool-assistance whatsoever.

gameplay by AquaTeamV3, Battousai, Bob Sagat, ded, desk, Doopliss, error1, fullmetalross, Keiko, Magnetro, Maj, Mienaikage, onReload, PaoloMiraglia, Remxi, Ryukenden, Snoooootch, SofaKingAC, Vega Omega, and Wolverine-Master

edited by Snoooootch

logo animation by Bob Sagat


0:02 SFA2 Dhalsim evades Gen’s headstomp with a teleport, then Alpha Counters Gen’s late s.MK, but Gen’s Alpha Counter goes over Sim’s. The first kick of Gen’s s.HK flies over Sim’s AC recovery. Sim AC’s the second kick, which whiffs. Gen goes off the wall over Sim’s far s.HK, then his kick flies over Sim who activates his anti-air grab super. The super whiffs and Gen answers with his own air grab super.

0:10 appears, the logo does a teleport into Air Throw stance change, activates Exhibition, then teleports away again.

0:14 COTA Storm uses her ground dash invincibility to avoid Super Optic Blast, then superjumps to air throw Cyclops.

0:20 KoFXIII Benimaru’s QCF+AC normally has no ability to juggle except when it hits during the hitstun of another move, so this setup is exceptional in allowing it to combo in a juggle without a drive cancel. The late cancel from the counterhit j.CD must be timed perfectly. The rest of the combo sets up the height required to combo an airthrow after j.D+D. The full combo is CH j.CD xx j.QCF+A, QCF+AC, QCB+C, j.D+D, airthrow.

0:24 MSF Hulk’s forward dash has a glitched throwbox that goes to the ceiling. This lets Zangief air SPD him from a long way away.

0:30 KoFXIII Yuri’s fullscreen throw juggle is enabled by the late-hitting fireball.

0:34 XSF Juggernaut blocks Akuma’s Tenma Gou Zankuu super and calls in Wolverine, whose Variable Counter invincibility ushers him through the flurry. He manages to find an opening in the fireball pattern and sneaks by to air throw Akuma, mashing like crazy for extra damage.

0:38 SF3:3S Chun-Li throws an EX Kikoken from one corner, which doesn’t fade away unlike her ordinary fireball, and chases it to the other side of the screen. When the fireball gets close, 2P Chun jumps forward and 1P Chun jumps backwards to air throw her back on her side, and on the fireball, which has pretty good hit stun time and allows 1P Chun to juggle with s.HK and superjump-cancel into SA3.

0:43 SFxT Guile can forward airthrow someone into a Sonic Boom, with perfect spacing. If the Boom hits early and in the corner, he can combo after it.

0:48 SSF4AE2012 Guy’s EX Kaiten Izuna Otoshi invincibility lasts until Ryu’s Shin Shoryuken is off the ground. Guy has a hurtbox when the grab becomes active and Ryu still has an active hitbox on his ultra-2, but because grabs take priority Guy wins.

0:51 SFA2 Guy’s wall jump air throw meets Bison’s Skull Diver very high up, and forcefully reintroduces him to the ground.

0:53 SFA Guy’s LP Bushin Flip grabs Dan’s LK ghettokick out of the air and follows up with a lvl2 super juggle for massive damage.

0:57 SFA3 Guy starts LP Bushin Flip out of the corner, grabbing Vega’s Flying Barcelona Attack coming from behind him.

0:59 SFA3 Guy begins this clip with an s.HP elbow stored by canceling out of his Final Fight chain. He uses it to counterhit Ryu’s air Hurricane Kick and kara-cancel out of s.HK to combo into LP Bushin Drop. Guy then attempts to replicate his earlier combo against Dan – but it doesn’t work, because Ryu is strong.

1:03 XSF Ryu performs a combo with two air throws, then attempts to reset with a third throw, but Storm counters and dizzies him instantly with her ridiculously overpowered Lightning Attack.

1:14 SF3:NG Ibuki combos close s.HK into glitched j.HP -> j.F+MK chain. Ryu performs reversal HP Shoryu (NG doesn’t give a “Reversal” popup), but Ibuki jumps from her floating position and grabs him on his first recovery frame.

1:17 AB Akatsuki lands crossup j.H on Blitztank’s huge hitbox. The rest of the combo is: s.L -> close s.M -> far s.M -> F+H, QCB+L, s.L, j.L, j.L -> j.M, airthrow, D,D+H

1:24 BR Saizo uses an invincible backdash to avoid Sho’s QCBx2+K super, then jumps to airthrow him out of the double-jump part of the super animation.

1:26 SFZ2A Dramatic Battle allows two super airthrows to hit at the same time, causing the Gen and Zangief combination shown here.

1:29 KoFXIII Raiden juggles multiple EX Tackles with super throw whiffs inbetween, one of which autocorrects as he crosses under the opponent. He finishes with an EX anti-air throw. The full combo is CH j.CD, (DB~F+AC xx whiff HCBx2+P) x 2, DP+AC.

1:35 SF3:3S Alex jumps and air techs Ibuki’s air throw just when she was about to land on the ground. Alex lands on ground first and has enough time to punish with EX Air Knee Smash.

1:37 SFA3 Ken Alpha Counters Sodom’s max range c.HK slide. Sodom air throws Ken’s AC.

1:39 SFA3 Ken’s c.LK interupts Rolento’s Mine Sweeper. Ken cancels into a whiffed LP DP and gets hit by the Mine Sweeper. Rolento catches Ken with his airgrab to combo after the explosion.

1:43 XSF Ken air blocks every hit of M.Bison’s Psycho Crusher, recovering instantly upon landing and quickly jumping again to air throw him. The oldschool Marvel games allow two air throws per combo, and the first throw always leaves the victim in a special throw-vulnerable state.

1:48 SF2CE Chun Li hits both the opponent and the bonus stage car with a j.D+MK head stomp, somehow making her next normal act like it hit even if it whiffs – letting her do a kind of double jump into Vega’s Izuna Drop.

1:52 SSF2T Cammy air throws Chun Li out of her walljump. Air recovery is invincible, so Chun air throws Cammy’s whiffed Thrust Kick. Cammy blocks two headstomps, then grabs Chun with her air throw. Chun Li does a forward jumping Spinning Bird Kick, which Cammy catches with her Hooligan Combination.

1:59 COTA Colossus and Iceman tech-hit exchange (both counter throws), then Colossus ends it with another air throw.

2:04 VS BB Hood dodges Anakaris’ ES Dance of Coffins, guard cancels one of them, then jumps up and throws him.

2:09 MSH Magneto’s Space Gem activates an impenetrable force field, protecting him from Psi-Maelstrom long enough to air throw Psylocke.

2:13 MSF Charlie calls upon Captain America to absorb every hit of Bison’s Psycho Crusher super, then simply grabs him out of the air once Bison is done hitting.

2:17 XSF Charlie air throws Wolverine’s Tornado Claw onto the breaking floor, and immediately grabs him again on the way down. This is not a combo, but it certainly looks cool.

2:21 MSF Mega Zangief’s hyper armor takes heavy damage from Bison’s Psycho Crusher, but negates hit stun. Once Zangief manages to get off the ground, he immediately interrupts the Psycho Crusher with an air throw.

2:23 SFA3 R.Mika’s head spring during her lvl3 Sardine’s Beach Special super acts as a quick interrupt against Bison’s Psycho Shot, freeing him up to air throw her onto the fireball.

2:27 SFxT allows attacks to connect at the same time as Chun Li’s, Guile’s, Cammy’s, and Vega’s air throws slam opponents into the ground. This can lead into some weird hitstuns, including regrounding the opponent.

2:37 Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is too complex. The description wouldn’t fit on the internet.

2:40 River City Ransom Alex jump throws Ryan, then OTG’s him with a jump thrown tire. Alex jumps onto the recovering tire, runs, then enters a falling state as the tire hits the ground. He air throws the rock he picked up before jumping onto the tire.

2:47 Kirby Super Star Kirby kills Chef Kawasaki with Up+Y Hammer attack, then Buggzy uses his jumping Y dash grab -> air slam. Midboss enemies can only be grabbed after they die, to prevent Kirby from just inhaling them right away.

2:50 OMF2097 Crystal/Jaguar’s wacky air throw, despite being named “Overhead Throw” is actually a blockable attack against a grounded opponent, hence the weird 2-hit combo.

2:59 SFxT Vega’s air throw causes characters to do a pseudo-teleport when followed by an immediate hit. For some reason, this only happens about half the time, but it leads to some unusual combos.

3:05 COTA Psylocke with Ninjitsu shadows active throws Silver Samurai with his sword shadows active, he techs and she throws him again, with shadow trails everywhere.

3:11 XSF Cyclops pushblocks Zangief’s s.HK, which briefly puts him in a strange pseudo-grounded state, allowing him to perform his Running Neckbreaker Drop while airborne.

3:14 PSABR Parappa’s Mic Grapple has some throw-like properties, grabbing Fat Princess out of the air twice and allowing Parappa to continue the midscreen juggle. The second Mic Grapple in particular requires extremely precise timing.

3:20 SFA3 Karin throws Akuma, R.Mika catches him with an air throw as he bounces up and Karin catches him again with yet another air throw.

3:22 VS Q-Bee pokes at Lilith who EX guard cancels the hit, while Q-Bee taunt cancels her own poke, then air throws Lilith whose attack missed.

3:25 SSF2T Ken’s air throw catches O.Blanka out of his Rainbow Roll.

3:28 SFA3 Cody and Birdie take turns air throwing Adon.

3:31 SFA3 Sodom and Guy like throwing Adon as well.

3:37 SFA3 Zangief and Vega toss Adon (all the way) around. Gief’s lvl2 airthrow super seems to reach things off-screen.

3:50 KoFXIII EX Iori becomes vulnerable to Clark’s air throws after he is reset, but only after he completes the backflip animation before landing.

3:57 SFxT Marduk’s LP air throw is completely invulnerable to air attacks.

4:00 KoFXIII Benimaru repeatedly performs his Benimaru Lancer specials thrice, just as the opponent is falling behind him, stylishly knocking him around and setting up an air throw finisher.

4:03 WWEAS Andre The Giant performs an elaborate OTG combo sequence involving two air throws against Hulk Hogan. True combos can be tricky in this game because most things can be countered, but this is most likely a true combo. (Unless you can get out of the lying stun state somehow – it’s hard to find solid info on this game). It seems to be random if the opponent gets stunned from the first backbreaker, but it’s easy to visually confirm. The second backbreaker will never stun, so no third backbreaker.

4:12 VH Talbain EX guard cancels Pyron’s fireball and starts chasing him with Beast Cannons, while Pyron keeps teleporting away. As Pyron recovers from the last one, Talbain finally catches up and air throws him.

4:18 SFA3 Akuma’s air throw drops opponents when it’s used too close to the ground, dealing proper damage but looking glitchy in the process.

4:20 SSF2T T.Hawk’s j.LP just barely hits Guile’s far s.HK, allowing him to cancel it into his Dive, which Guile promptly throws.

4:22 CvS2 Yuri crouches low enough to duck under Yun’s HP Zesshou Hohou dashpunch. She jumps as soon as his active frames are over, having just barely enough time to air throw him before he lands.

4:24 SFA3 V-Charlie uses the startup invincibility of his Custom Combo activation to avoid getting hit by A-Charlie’s lvl1 Somersault Justice super.

4:27 SFxT Hugo’s LK air throw is completely invulnerable to air attacks.

4:31 SSBB Ganondorf performs a full-damage combo, using a Timer to slow down time for Bowser, compensating for the lack of hitstun in this game. Hits with lightning effects benefit from this the most. This combo actually starts on 0%, with multiple air Down+As before the air side B. The air side B slams the opponent into a previously placed pitfall item, burying them for a while – the longer, the more damage they have. This combo would do less damage in a real match, because Brawl’s training mode doesn’t apply damage scaling on repeated moves, but they’ll probably stay buried long enough for Ganondorf’s turn-around Warlock Punch to connect anyway. The second Bowser is there to get a better camera angle, otherwise you wouldn’t really see what happens in this combo.

4:37 Anarchy Reigns Jack launches the dummy with his Heavy Attack, then jump cancels into his Ascending Jump Heavy, launching them even higher. Then he spaces out two Air Lights to be able to hit with another Acending Jump Heavy, followed up by an Air Light canceled into a Heavy Killer Weapon. The last hit is avoidable by tech roll.

4:44 SC4 Astaroth’s initial launcher needs to be a counterhit for this combo to kill the opponent. Getting a wallbounce after the airgrab is usually tricky, but if you do it in a corner like this it seems to work every time. Throws only count as one hit in SCIV, which is why the combo counter says 5. The wallbounce counts as a hit.

4:53 SSF2T Fei Long air throws Akuma out of his air fireball, allowing a silly combo setup.

4:56 SSF4AE2012 Oni uses his HP Zanku Hadosho airdash projectile to nullify Dhalsim’s MK Yoga Blast. He then supercancels into Air Raging Demon, which can only catch airborne opponents. At the same time, Dhalsim cancels his Yoga Blast with a back-dashing FADC, making him airborne.

5:00 CvS2 Maki’s lvl3 air Ajaratengu grabs Shin Akuma out of his lvl3 Misogi descent. With the damage boost from having her lifebar drained, Maki inflicts enough damage to kill equal-ratio Shin Akuma outright, earning a Final KO since she countered a lvl3 super.

5:08 MK4 Reiko blocks Scorpion’s teleport punch and walks under the recovery. The combo is close HP -> close HK -> Uppercut, walk forward HP xx B,D,F+HK, D,U (teleport) -> Block (throw). Reiko teleports a second time, allowing Scorpion to counter with AA HP, jump, airthrow.

5:15 COTA Akuma air throws Spiral, who techs out only to be thrown again, only to tech again, then gets thrown two more times (“breaking” the 2 throws per combo rule).

5:21 SF2RE was a popular aftermarket revision of SF2CE, found in many arcades and laundromats. Rainbow Edition allows players to do all sorts of crazy things, including climbing several screens up and airthrowing from that height.

5:30 PASBR Kratos’ F+Square Combat Grapple has some throw-like properties, but it’s technically a blockable attack. Of course in this case, Kratos combos two of them in quick succession using a well-placed wall bounce, so Sweet Tooth doesn’t get a chance to block either of them.

5:38 PF Zangief and Dan put down Banana items at the same time. (They might even say the same phrase during those animations). The combo is B+P+K, jump back airthrow, walk forward (banana hits), airthrow, walk forward (banana hits), airthrow.

5:58 StarCraft 2 introduced a new Protoss air unit called the Phoenix, with a Graviton Beam spell that disables ground units and lifts them into the air. In this clip, a Terran Siege Tank gets caught by the Graviton Beam while attempting to evacuate a lava surge zone, leading to their mutual demise. We wanted to end the video with an air throw that nobody would expect, which made this piece the perfect candidate!

GGXX#R Korean OST – Pillars Of The Underworld (Ky’s Theme)
GGXX#R Korean OST – The Great Empress (Millia’s Theme)

debuted today, July 8th, 2012 at Evo2k12

bonus materials:
KoFXIII Airthrow Exhibition Leftovers by Remxi
Air Throw Exhibition Leftovers by Doopliss

related projects: DAMAGE exhibition | v.two

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11 Responses to Air Throw Exhibition

  1. CPS2 says:

    That was awesome! Great mix of games and very creative. Well done to everyone involved =]

  2. Battousai says:

    Awesome work, glad to be a part of another epic video!

    There were about 80K people on the srkevo1 stream as this was playing, if I remember correctly.

  3. sithlord says:

    Absolute genius! Great job everybody. Great editing and music.

  4. Robyrt says:

    Awesome! My thoughts immediately leapt to One Must Fall 2097’s wacky Jaguar air throw, which despite being named “Overhead Throw” is actually a blockable attack against a grounded opponent, hence the weird 2-hit combo. (Confusingly, there are real air throws in that game too, and it is a true throw in the sequel.)

  5. onReload says:

    A (low quality) reaction video has surfaced:

    If anyone else has one, it would be great to see. Also, seems a lot of the crowd just likes seeing air throws beat certain moves. A note for a possible next time, I guess.

  6. Maj says:

    I added Remxi’s and Doopliss’ leftovers videos to the post above, and decided to make this the Vid of the Week for 07.02.2012!

    Transcript coming soon-ish …

  7. Maj says:

    It took nearly all day, but the transcript is finally ready. Please check it out and let me know if you find any typos. (By the way, i totally hijacked Robyrt’s explanation of the OMF2097 clip.)

  8. onReload says:

    I can’t stop laughing at 0:10…I was staring at it for a second like “wait, which character?”

  9. Maj says:

    You can thank Bob Sagat for that description, and for the logo animation itself! (Btw i forgot to credit him for that in the description above, so i’ve added that in as well.)

  10. Doopliss says:

    After extensice testing, I can confirm that my Anarcy Reigns combo isn’t a legit one. In the demo I couldn’t set the dummy to tech roll, but in the full game I could and I can never get the final move to hit in time. The only character that seems to be able to combo into an Air Heavy Killer Weapon with an animation is Max, as seen here:

  11. Maj says:

    Okay, i updated the transcript with the new description. This was the old one, in case anyone ever needs it:

    “Anarchy Reigns makes it hard to tell whether a combo is fully inescapable, because the training dummy in the Demo doesn’t tech when he lands, and it’s hard to see if he lands on the ground or not. Regardless, you modify this combo perhaps by removing the air L after the second launcher and just go straight into the Air Heavy Killer Weapon.”

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