SC5 Dark Soul Edge by sithlord and Paranormal Oreo

Ready for another dose of Soul Calibur 5 combos? Paranormal Oreo and sithlord have teamed up to bring you seven minutes of multi-character footage, displaying both style and damage.

SC5 Natsu double Critical Edge juggle at 1:58, Cervantes midscreen shooting gallery at 3:11, Viola multi-OTG orb combo at 4:07, and Leixia multi-cross juggle at 5:50

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combos by Paranormal Oreo and sithlord

edited by sithlord

Scar Symmetry – Artificial Sun Projection
Insomnium – One For Sorrow
Omnium Gatherum – Deep Cold

released on June 1st, 2012

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One Response to SC5 Dark Soul Edge by sithlord and Paranormal Oreo

  1. his1nightmare says:

    oh wow, the Raphael combo at 2:16 blew my mind, combo’ing in the needle to the side, perfection

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