MR1 Farewell Compilation by Gen

If you don’t recognize the name, Gen was one of the most creative SNK combo makers of the last five years. He stopped making new videos a while ago, and apparently all of this footage was recorded back in 2010, but released just a few days ago. There’s some amazing oldschool King of Fighters ’99-2002 material in here so it’s definitely worth watching.

KoF2k Kim vs Jhun vs rolling panda Baitang at 0:54, KoF2k2 Seth knockdown interrupt at 2:23, KoF2k2 Whip double swing at 2:37, KoF99 Chin breaking the game in all sorts of ways at 3:17, KoF2k Kasumi counter craziness at 4:53, and KoF2k K’ Crow Bites x7 at 6:00

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combos and editing by Gen

released on May 30th, 2012

bonus materials:
KoF 2001 Iori’s Empty Cancels | KoF 2002 Clark Compilation | KoF Mix XX

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  1. Maj says:

    Sadly this didn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s a fantastic combo video so i’m still making it the Vid of the Week for 05.28.2012!

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