SFxT Tekken Characters Solo CMV by jadeshikonapan

This six-minute Street Fighter x Tekken combo video features one lengthy tool-assisted solo combo with each Tekken character, pushing their capabilities to the limit. It’s pretty amazing.

SFxT Asuka 25-hit midscreen beatdown at 1:46, Raven 31-hit crossunder style exhibition at 2:35, Xiaoyu 57-hit restand loop at 5:05, and Law 75-hit pummeling at 5:30

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combos and editing by jadeshikonapan

80kidz – Nautilus
80kidz – Life Begins At Eighty

released yesterday, April 13th, 2012

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  1. Maj says:

    This video is way too good all the way through, so of course i’m making it the Vid of the Week for 04.09.2012!

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