Weekend Roundup: SC5, KoF2k2, SFxT, UMvC3

It’s been a busy week, with quite a few great combovids released without me having a chance to post them, so here they are in this weekend’s roundup. As always, if you like what you see, please take a moment to leave the author a thoughtful comment or subscribe to their channel.

SC5 Darkside Omega by sithlord / 03.19.2012
  – Tekken Zaibatsu’s Astaroth master took a swing at Pyrrha Omega and came up with some very cool combos, but couldn’t resist throwing in a few high-damage Astaroth combos as well.

SFxT Mindless Exploration Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 by Q80Warlock / 03.19.2012
  – When oldschool combo makers have free time to mess around in training mode, something interesting always comes out of it. In this case, some nice Pandora combos and tag glitches.

KoF2k2 CMV Extravaganza by HolyCross / 03.21.2012
  – This nine-minute video was actually released a short while ago and recently reuploaded to u2b, but anyone who loves King of Fighters 2002 will find it absolutely amazing.

SFxT Xhibition Vol. 1 by Caj814 / 03.22.2012
  – After a long series of UMvC3 combovids, Caj814 is finally taking the plunge into SFxT with a quick video highlighting some of the less common characters in the game, like Paul and Asuka.

UMvC3 Something Different by Xero / 03.23.2012
  – The master of Spider-Man combos tries out a new UMvC3 character, and comes up with some ridiculous material for Dormammu! (Of course, Spidey makes a few appearances too.)

SFxT Ogre / Cole Combos Pt. 1 by jadeshikonapan / 03.23.2012
  – Moramota of KYSG fame continues his tool-assisted exploration of SFxT with a look at Ogre and Cole. This is a must-watch series for anyone interested in the game’s combo system.

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