Marvel vs Capcom Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

Ready for another dose of Marvel vs Capcom insanity from izumojin? This installment concentrates more on the Capcom side of the cast, with a little more structur in its approach. Obviously some of these clips aren’t actual combos, but it’s fun to watch him exploit the combo counter regardless.

MvC Zangief/Jin iron beatdown at 2:30, Gold War Machine and Red Venom being hilariously broken at 4:25, Mega Man soccer practice at 5:37, and Morrigan fancy air control at 6:22

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combos and editing by izumojin

BlazBlue OST – Nightmare Fiction
BlazBlue OST – Marionette Purple
Guilty Gear XX AC OST – Launch Out

released today, March 24th, 2012

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  1. rKf says:

    The soccer balls. That must be a lot of work.

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