SF3:3S Combos vs Urien by 1S1nc

When it comes to getting beat up in combo videos, Urien is undisputedly S-tier alongside Rolento and Dhalsim. For a reminder of why that’s the case, check out 1S1nc’s 3rd Strike compilation of Aegis Reflector powered madness. Almost every single combo here is new – unbelievable!

SF3:3S Ibuki mid-juggle air fireball at 0:54, Elena touch-of-death dance at 2:00, Dudley craziest EX Jet Upper i’ve ever seen at 2:40, and Makoto triple air axekick at 3:33

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combos and editing by 1S1nc

released today, March 18th, 2012

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4 Responses to SF3:3S Combos vs Urien by 1S1nc

  1. Ryukenden says:

    Wow these are really high quality combos. Good job 1S1nc!

  2. his1nightmare says:

    I simply exploded

  3. paolomiraglia says:

    What a great combo vid, really inspiring

  4. Maj says:

    Yup, this has to be the Vid of the Week for 03.12.2012!

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