NKI Combo Video Archive

When i first found the fighting game community, before i started making combovids of my own, NKI had already established a name for himself as one of the best combo makers in America. Most of his videos are absolute classics in my mind, especially his SFA2 material and his later works.

NKI Volume I (SF2, SSF2T, MK, MK2, UMK3, MKT, SFA2, XSF, etc.)

NKI Volume II (Revised) (SSF2T, SFA3, XSF)

NKI Volume III (XSF)

NKI Volume IV (SSF2T)

NKI Volume V | NKI Volume 5.5 (SSF2T)

NKI Volume VI (SFA2)

NKI Volume VII (Evo 2004 Special (SF2CE, SSF2, SSF2T, SFA2, XSF, MvC, MvC2)

NKI Volume VIII (Evo 2005 Special) (MvC)

NKI Volume IX (Evo 2006 Special) (SSF2T)

NKI Volume X (Evo 2007 Special) | NKI Volume X (Clean Edit) (SSF2T)

NKI Volume XI (Evo 2008 Special) (XSF)

If you’re short on time, i recommend watching Volumes 6, 10, and 11 to decide whether you want to watch the rest right away, or only seven or eight more. (If anyone cares, i believe they were all manually executed except Volume 11, and maybe a few clips in Volume 9.)

combos and editing by NKI

transcript, explanations, and download site:

originally released from 2000 to 2008

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11 Responses to NKI Combo Video Archive

  1. Maj says:

    Since these videos are so hard to find on u2b, NKI has given me permission to reupload them all! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but couldn’t find the time to stitch together all the pieces of Volume I and re-encode the rest. Anyway it’s done now, so i hope it serves as a useful reference to oldschool Street Fighter combo fanatics.

  2. Keiko says:

    My personal combo hero, he inspired me (and i think he inspired MANY of us) for doing what i’m doing right now.
    Mad respects and Hail NKI!

  3. error1 says:

    this is what we all strive for

  4. n00b_saib0t says:

    This guy made me want to get good, before I knew the difference between competitive play with BnB combos and exhibition combos. I think it was in 2002 when I REALLY got into fighters and was posting on the GameFAQs CvS2 PS2 board, someone linked me to SRK and from there I found gamecombos.com and the NKI videos. I was amazed at what I saw. More recently (but still a while ago) his Super Turbo Shenanigans video blew my mind. I love the version on youtube with the crowd reactions.

  5. rKf says:

    Minibosses music was so awesome in No.5. Watched the vid soooooo many times.

    I met him once in Japan once but never talked about the vids. or did I…?
    He speaks goooood Japanese.

  6. onReload says:

    I’ll have to chime in and say that NKI is one of my favorite combo producers. Thanks for reupping, Maj

  7. Maj says:

    NKI Volume X is still one of the most fun-to-watch Street Fighter videos ever made. It’s really cool because it’s essentially NKI showing/proving how much he loves Super Turbo.

    But what really makes me laugh is the random N64 Turok footage in the Volume I intro. To this day, i still have no idea what’s going on in that blurry clip, but its OGness is unconditionally irreproachable. Random Turok is OG.

  8. onReload says:

    Haha yeah, he has the map up (L), and I think he’s floating high above the level, maybe with use of a GameShark moonjump code? Game was so much fun. NKI seems like the original “game breaker” from the fighting game scene. I’ve seen plenty of TAS videos for Donkey Kong Country and have never seen any weird, miniature orange rhinos.

  9. CPS2 says:

    My personal favourite is volume VIII. Just makes MvC1 look so broken, nearly seizure inducing haha. X is just crazy though, so much stuff happening in ways you wouldn’t suspect, and edited with little freezes and zooms to make it all stand out and give you a moment to guess what’s going to happen next.

  10. NKI says:

    Maj, I owe you big time, sir. Thank you!!

    And wow, looking back on it now, Volumes I through V are pretty awful!

    But regardless, thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I think that I wasted too much of my youth nerding out, but reading comments like the above…makes me feel like it wasn’t such a waste of time. <3

    P.S.: The original Volume I was actually a VHS tape (hence the terrible quality), and it contained an entire section of Turok glitches. When originally I captured/uploaded Volume I, the Turok footage was left out because I didn't feel like it fit with the other games. Rather than re-edit the intro to remove that one-second Turok clip, I just left it.

  11. Maj says:

    NKI finally got around to creating his own u2b channel and reuploaded all of these videos! I’ve updated the article with those links and took down my previous uploads.

    What are you waiting for? Go subscribe to his channel!

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