SC5 Hardcoar by sithlord

Here’s another highly technical Soul Calibur 5 combo video from sithlord, starring Xiba, Leixia, and Astaroth in over six minutes of footage. According to the description – Ukemi, Aerial control and All Guard were on during all combos except the collisions and one Astaroth combo.

SC5 Xiba cross-under OTG at 0:36, Leixia 21-hit corner beatdown at 2:10, Leixia side switch madness at 2:24, and Astaroth brutal corner throwfest at 5:06

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combos and editing by sithlord (of the group Team A.C.E.)

Insomnium – One For Sorrow
Unsun – Whispers
Undergang – Dødshymne
Undergang – Opslugt Af Mørket
Undergang – Indhentet Af Døden

released today, February 26th, 2012

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