KoF98 ~ The King of Speed Vol. 2 by Remxi

Remxi has compiled another six-minute King of Fighters ’98 “speedbug” video, which focuses on bypassing impact freeze to open up a whole new mode of combo possibilities. The glitch setup is explained in detail below, as part of the full transcript provided by Remxi.

KoF98 Chizuru clone army at 0:01, Mai seven D attacks at 1:38, King midcombo crossup Surprise Rose at 2:45, Heidern stylin’ at 3:50, Takuma double Kishin kill at 4:40, and Saisyu’s fury at 5:04

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combos and editing by Remxi


This combovid showcases “speedbug” combos for the Women Fighters and Oyaji teams. The setup involves stunning Yamazaki, calling his teammate during the last few frames of his stun animation and then connecting his hcbx2+P DM after he recovers. During this state Yamazaki is affected by hitstop but the other character is not. This gives most attacks a huge amount of frame advantage, and also creates some strange properties that result from the lack of hitstop. It also affects Yamazaki’s hitbox, which now extends higher and further behind his pushbox making it possible to crossup with certain attacks that would not normally. The setup for the bug would typically leave Yamazaki at ~30-50% health (depending on how easily the player character can stun him) so these 100% variations are only possible in training mode.


1. backwards f+B, cl.D xx d,d+B, cr.C xx crossup d,d+D, cr.A xx f+B *stun* whiff hcb+D, cl.C, st.D, cr.C xx d,d+A, qcb,hcf+A
Cancelling cr.A to f+B on the first possible frame gives cr.A the same hit sound effect as f+B, but ends up swapping the damage dealt by the two attacks. There are a lot of weird things that happen when cancelling on the first possible frame that I still don’t understand.

2. backwards df+B, crossup j.D, cr.A, cl.C, j.D, cl.C, j.A, cl.C, cr.D xx hcb+D.qcb+D *stun* df+B, hcb+A.A, d,d+B
The opponent is actually stunned by the cr.D and the OTG followup still connects regardless.

3. crossup nj.C, (cl.C, crossup j.B) x 2, cl.C, cr.C xx hcb+C.C, j.C *stun* whiff d,d+D, backwards hcb+C.C, dp+C
Yamazaki uses cr.C to reach into Chizuru’s neutral j.C. The d,d+D causes screenlock although it is not necessary for the combo. The crossthrough hcb+C.C only works on the backturned dizzy animation due to the placement of hitboxes.

4. MAX, backwards cl.D, cl.D xx f+A, cr.C xx hcb+C.C, whiff cr.D xx dp+C *stun* MAX, backwards hcb+C.C, qcfx2+P, run backwards cl.D
The MAX mode at the start is just to make sure the damage/stun values work out. This combo was insanely fussy with spacing/timing issues and took me ages to get right.

5. qcfx2+K, (cr.B, cr.B, cr.A xx qcfx2+K) x 3, taunt, st.CD
The normal string has to be delayed as Chizuru cannot start another clone super until the previous one has totally disappeared. The st.CD at the end barely touches Yamazaki’s hitbox as his hitbox reels back quite far. Frameskip weirdness made this combo an absolute pain to program as well. I spent more time fiddling around with these last two Chizuru combos than any other speedbug stuff I have done…


1. backwards cl.D, cl.D xx f+B, crossup j.d+A, cl.C, cr.C xx df+B *stun* d~uf+P, crossup j.d+A, cl.A, cl.A, cr.C xx dp+D
The dp+D at the end is spaced so the knee launcher whiffs and only the flames connect.

2. MAX, j.d+A x 2, cl.C xx f+B, qcbx2+P, whiff cl.C xx dp+B
The ender uses 2p corner crossup to whiff a wrong direction cl.C which is cancelled into autocorrect dp+B

3. backwards st.D, cl.D xx f+B, crossup j.D, cl.D xx f+B, st.D *stun* st.D x 2, qcb,hcf+B
This combo was focused on different ways of using st.D in a combo. The last part only works on backturned.

4. dash j.d+A x 5, dp+D *stun*, taunt, j.d+A x 4, j.C
The initial hit of dp+D launches the opponent abnormally high in the air but it’s usually impossible to see because the flame hitbox will hit them shortly after. Stunning them with the first hit however lets you see the result. j.d+A x 4 is the most you can combo before you need to attack with something else.

5. MAX, ch j.CD, qcbx2+P, backwards qcb,hcf+B
The hardware struggles to handle all the flame effects, you can see the HUD disappear and the game start to lag as the effect gets too intense. The ender exploits the 2p corner crossup to hit with the back of the qcb,hcf+B hitbox.

6. ch st.CD xx qcbx2+A, quickmax qcb,hcf+K
A similar combo to the above but using EX mode quickmax activation to do DM -> SDM rather than SDM -> DM.

Here’s what happens when you connect the SDM with the spacing that generates a large number of hits. You can vary the spacing/timing a little to adjust the particular frame that the game will crash on.

EX Mai

1. whiff cr.D xx qcfx2+A trade, qcfx2+C x 2
Mai normally has an infinite with this super, but under speedbug conditions it is not possible to do due to the way Mai’s position is not affected by hitstop. I did manage to link 3 together however using a trade setup, which showcases the strange way the the DM will now connect.


1. crossup j.C, cr.A x 18, cl.C xx df+B, st.C *stun* whiff st.CD xx dp+P, dp+P, dp+D
2. crossup j.D, cr.B x 3, cl.B, (cr.B x 2, cl.B) x 2, cl.D xx dp+P, hcb+D *stun* taunt x 2, whiff cr.C xx dp+P, qcbx2+K
These two King combos are actually really old and are some of the first speedbug combos I made along with the original Leona ones (before I figured out rejumps). I’m not quite sure on what strength Surprise Rose I was using, I don’t have the scripts anymore. The double taunt is because Yamazaki’s dizzy sound cuts off the sound of the first one, plus I think it sounds cool. You can barely see it but the whiff cr.C near the end is what generates King’s trademark “Yaa!” sound effect.

3. j.C, j.D, cr.B, cr.C xx crossup dp+C, dp+C, j.D *stun* df+D, run cl.D xx qcbx2+K
cr.C is such fast startup and short active frames that it’s almost impossible to see before it’s cancelled. This helps with spacing dp+C so that the launching hit whiffs and it can crossup on the other side.

4. backwards cl.D, cl.B, cl.A, crossup j.D, cr.B, cl.A, crossup j.C, cr.B, cl.A, crossup j.D, cr.B, cl.A, cr.C xx qcfx2+D *stun* dp+C, hcb+A
Not much to say about this one.

5. Random leftovers also recorded early on.


1. j.D, b~f+A, j.D, cl.C, cr.C xx d~u+C *stun* whiff d~u+C, MAX, cl.C xx hcb+C
Exploits the Moonslasher powerup to deal big damage at the end.

2. backwards cl.C, (cl.C, j.C) x 2, cl.C *stun* meaty st.D, cr.C xx qcb,hcf+D
Combo consisting of mostly C attacks and comboing with st.D, one of the slowest normals in the game.

3. backwards cr.C, cl.A, crossup j.C, (cr.B, cl.A, crossup j.C) x 2, cr.B, cl.C, cr.D xx whiff d~u+D *stun* f+B, st.A, cr.A xx f+B, j.B
Crossup rejump loop.

4. ch st.CD xx whiff hcb+C, qcfx2+P
Counterhit juggle, pretty boring…


1. backwards cr.C, (cl.C, j.D) x 2, cl.C xx qcb+C *stun* meaty qcf+A, run cl.D, qcf,hcb+A
The DM at the end is linked from the cl.D.

2. backwards j.D, crossup j.D, cl.C, j.C, cr.B, cl.C xx db~f+D, run whiff cr.D xx f+B *stun* MAX, qcf+A, db~f+D, whiff cr.D xx backwards f+A
2p corner crossup at the end.

3. MAX, cl.C xx qcfx2+P, cl.C xx qcfx2+P
It was known you can reground the opponent during spinning knockdowns like the final hit of Takuma’s qcfx2+P SDM but that required a trade setup so Takuma could recover in time. With speedbug he can combo after the full animation.


1. backwards f+B, cl.C xx f+A, j.D, cl.C xx f+A, st.D *stun* whiff st.CD xx qcf+A, f+B, qcfx2+A
Saisyu’s f+B gives insane frame advantage so you can combo pretty much whatever you want after it.

2. backwards f+B, cl.C xx f+A, run, cl.C xx f+A, st.C xx qcb+C.qcb+P, backwards j.D *stun* whiff st.CD xx whiff qcb,hcf+P, whiff st.D, f+B, qcb+C.qcb+P, qcb,hcf+A
The advantage on f+A is decent as well allowing rejump loops or running. st.C deals exceptional stun damage. The backwards j.D is enabled by 2p corner crossup. The ender actually hits exactly the same way as Saisyu’s quickmax BnB in 98UM.

3. trade qcfx2+A, crossup j.C, cl.C xx f+B, cr.B, cl.B xx f+B, cr.A, cl.A xx f+B, cl.C xx dp+D *stun* whiff st.CD xx whiff dp+B, f+A, cr.D xx qcfx2+P
The dp+D is actually cancelled from the second hit of cl.C which whiffs over a backturned crouching Yamazaki at point blank range. Cancelling cr.D on the first possible frame changes it’s hit sound effect to that of the DM and also allows for post K.O. superflash.

4. backwards trade qcfx2+A, cr.C xx f+B, f+B x 4, st.C xx qcf+C *stun* qcf+A, whiff qcb,hcf+P
Yamazaki runs into the back of the first hit of qcfx2+P which triggers the rest of the animation. Normally the opponent would be temporarily in a flame effect stun and unable to trade with the rest of the DM. Touching the hitbox on it’s last active frame however triggers the animation without Yamazaki being subjected to the flame effect stun. He then counterhit trades dp+A with the final hit which normally launches him into the air. Saisyu recovers exceptionally fast due to his lack of hitstop and can use cr.C to hit Yamazaki during his hitstop preventing him from being launched. In the K.O. superflash you can see Yamazaki still in his stun animation whilst the fireball continues to animate.

5. ch st.CD xx qcb,hcf+A
Another example of first frame cancel, the damage and sound effect of the DM is transferred to the st.CD. The same occurs with other normals so it could be used as a high damage ender (originally I had a combo that linked into a first frame cancel cr.D for the K.O.).

6. cl.A x 28
I could record this kind of combo with any character but the effect is more obvious the faster you can chain your light attacks. If I find a character that can chain even faster than this (less than 3 frames) then I will record another one.

Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone in the combo making community for their support!

released today, February 26th, 2012

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