Sh*t Combo Video Makers Say! by Snoooootch

I’m not really sure how to categorize this, but it’s pretty damn funny and certainly entertaining nonetheless. You have to admit, it must have taken some guts to attempt something like this.

juggle confusion at 1:14, random one-hit DP at 1:32, and water reversal ultra at 2:40

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combos and editing by Snoooootch

soundtrack: Kevin MacLeod – Sneaky Snitch

released on February 16th, 2012

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One Response to Sh*t Combo Video Makers Say! by Snoooootch

  1. Snoooootch says:

    Hahaha, yeah. You have no idea how awkward it was recording this. I have some extra clips. I may upload them later on. Took me almost 2 weeks to record everything, and even had to build a tripod with Legos. Glad it entertained you, Maj. :)

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