KoF97 Combo Explanation Movie by SCanon5749

Along with his KoF97 Combo Movie series, SCanon5749 uploaded a detailed tutorial explaining the primary concepts behind his combos. Can we work together to translate and transcribe this video in English? It would be a good research resource to have for future reference.

The main focus of this tutorial is explaining the various juggle limiters in KoF97’s combo system, as well as providing methods to circumvent those restrictions. A few combo setup glitches are also included, which explain most of the unusual behavior in his combo movies.

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combos and editing by SCanon5749 of the group Canon Inc.

released on February 16th, 2012

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5 Responses to KoF97 Combo Explanation Movie by SCanon5749

  1. Maj says:

    Without understanding any of the text, i think the first clip at 0:10 is trying to say that there’s some sort of juggle limiter that prevents two of Terry’s shoulder tackles from connecting back-to-back. Whiffing a move inbetween clears that restriction, allowing another one to connect.

    I guess the same thing applies to Robert’s super after his command throw? Not sure why he shows King and Kyo though. Maybe as counter-examples?

    The Ryo clip at 1:15 seems to be saying that some characters (such as Robert) fall faster than others (such as Billy).

    After that it gets kinda hard to figure out. How does Mai start floating at 1:52?

  2. Keiko says:

    Yes, in KOF 97 to prevent juggle limiter, you need to sort of kara canceling a normal move into a special move.
    The most common and known examples are:
    Terry’s Shoulder Tackle loop.
    King’s Surprise Rose loop.
    Regarding DM’s this glitch works in the same way, Kara canceling Crounching A/B into the super, the most known examples are:
    Ryo’s Kyokuken Ryu Ranbu Ken (Kara) Ryuuku Ranbu.
    Robert’s Kyokugen Ryuu Jin Kyaku (Kara) Ryukku Ranbu.

    The floating glitch can be done using Tiger Knee Motions, for example Mai’s Ryuu en Bu command is QCB A/C, so you can maker her float doing the imput of the ryuu en bu and ending it with upback + A/C, and this can apply to Athena and other characters.

  3. Keiko says:

    BTW, to activate the Float glitch i found it easier to perform the TK Motions after an AB Roll.

  4. Maj says:

    Thanks for the explanations. So does that tigerknee exploit work with any character and any special move?

  5. Keiko says:

    No, as far i remember (it’s been almost 5 years without recording a combo or even playing this game) this TK bug works with Athena, Mai and Choi only. Somebody correct me if i’am wrong. And also works in the same way in KOF’98 and sightly different in ’99 as well.
    Another note i’d like to add is about the Billy’s DM “Infinite Flames” Glitch. That bug works vs Extra Goro as well (being honest i didn’t know u can perform it vs Iori too). But in the arcade version it causes multiple Task Overs in the game (i did this glitch many times in real Arcade cabinets and for some reasons i don’t know the Task over is produced even more faster than in the emulator). In the Sega Saturn/PSX port it causes several slowdowns and sometimes the cd just stop working and freezes the screen.

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