Last SSF4AE ComboVid by Smileymike and Snoooootch

Released as a Christmas gift to SF4 fans, this Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition combovid marks the last release by Smileymike before the 2012 update arrives on PC. It’s packed full of good stuff as usual, including some crazy multi-trade setups and unusual juggles.

SSF4AE Deejay ultra-2 juggle after air slasher at 0:35, Yang five command grab combo at 0:48, Vega triple trade combo at 1:22, and E.Ryu almost-awesome teleport combo at 1:46

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combos by Smileymike101 and Snoooootch

edited by Snoooootch

soundtrack: Pitchshifter – Innit

released yesterday, December 25th, 2011

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