Weekend Video Roundup: UMvC3, T6BR, AE2012, AH3

These days i barely have time to watch combovids, much less post them here on daily basis. So i’m going to try starting weekly roundups to cover some of the releases i’ve missed, usually every Saturday or Sunday. As always, if you like what you see, please take a moment to leave the author a thoughtful comment or subscribe to their channel.

Risky Goodbye: T6BR Jin & Devil Jin Final Act by Diggs-86 / 12.08.2011
  – While there are quite a few impressive high-damage juggle combos throughout this video, what really caught my attention were all the creative gameplay clips added as extras.

UMvC3 Trish Combos by PaoloMiraglia / 12.13.2011
  – Trish picked up some fresh combo tools in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, leading to new OTG setups and increased damage potential with the right assists, much of which is explored here.

SSF4AE2012 Juri Glitch by Lestat / 12.15.2011
  – I probably wouldn’t consider this a glitch, but it seems Juri’s close s.MP is capable of crossing through Sakura and El Fuerte during certain hit stun animations. The video claims that Juri can’t combo afterwards, so i’m looking forward to seeing someone prove otherwise.

AH3 Zenia & Lieselotte Combo Video by Tsujigiri83 / 12.17.2011
  – In his second Arcana Heart 3 combovid, Tsu83 focuses on Zenia – a fun character with quite a few options to explore, paired with Lieselotte who be difficult to control.

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