SSF4 Combo Challenge 3 by Snoooootch

Snoooootch has prepared another Super Street Fighter IV combo challenge to determine who will win two more original illustrations hand-painted by himself. The contest will run for one month, ending on December 1st – so give it a shot!

The challenge itself is fairly straightforward, but the contest will be judged based on originality, so try to be as creative as possible.

challenge gameplay and editing by Snoooootch

soundtrack: Ghostpocalypse – 7 Master

released today, October 30th, 2011

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One Response to SSF4 Combo Challenge 3 by Snoooootch

  1. Snoooootch says:

    Here are the links to the Paintings! They’re … darn. I think … 12″X18.”



    I had a cramp after finishing the background detail on the Remy Painting. Haha..

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