SSF4AE Fei Long Mixup Tutorial by Snoooootch

Normally i don’t post highlight videos here, but this one is structured more like a mixup tutorial using online match clips – so i’m making an exception. Snoooootch demonstrates a combination of practical tactics and stylish finishers for all you SSF4 Arcade Edition “tier whores” out there.

SSF4AE Fei Long post-KO flamekicks at 0:50, Fei Long ultra-2 vs Viper ultra-1 at 3:10, Fei Long super cancel showcase at 3:15, and Fei Long chicken wing crossup highlights at 3:45

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gameplay and editing by Snoooootch

J. Ramirez – Fei Remix
J. Ramirez – Shirt Ripper

released today, October 24th, 2011

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