K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.6

The last one was supposed to supposed to be the last one, but now there’s one more! The moral of the story is never say never, i guess. It’s pretty awesome to see any new stuff for this game, especially without tool-assistance. Some (all) of these combos are seriously difficult to pull off.

SF3:3S Urien c.HP xx fireball xx Aegis variations at 1:11, Necro drill flight at 2:11, Yun whiff c.HK at 2:47, and Urien Chariot Tackle x7 at 4:09

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combos and editing by rKf

soundtrack from:
Phantom Fighter (Reigen Doushi)
Shatterhand (Tokkyu Sirei Solbrain)
Route 16 Turbo
Choujin Sentai Jetman

transcript and explanations:

download site:

released today, October 22nd, 2011

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8 Responses to K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.6

  1. error1 says:

    hard to believe there is still room for non tool assisted 3s combos
    those yun resets look really strange

  2. Remxi says:

    What’s the deal with those cl.MK resets, it looks like the opponent is getting hit out of the reset state? Does that mean you can only parry them?

    Awesome Urien combos and resets as usual. I really like the Necro backwards tackle one and the 2P Ken only one.

    • onReload says:

      yeah, the opponent can only parry because they’re in the air, and what’s more is that all of Yun’s ground attacks during genei jin cause a juggle state, so if you get hit after the reset, you’re in another juggle.

  3. Maj says:

    Normally i don’t like resets in combovids, but i really enjoy how unfair Urien seems in these videos. That throw reset at 1:38 was pretty brutal.

  4. rKf says:

    Thanks for the post Maj.

    All the combos parts are very similar now,
    so I have to put in resets to at lease make it look new.
    So forgive me Maj. I had to put them in. I don’t have brand new combos and tricks.haha.

    I’m glad some of you liked it and thanks for the explanation onReload.

  5. Keiko says:

    Those Urien Combos/Resets are really dope!
    rKf’s music choices for his combo videos are my favourites so far.

  6. his1nightmare says:

    Despite its lack of something new, I enjoyed it definitely too.
    Nice, hand-created, zoning was spotted in several combos and the last one was just highly satisfying.

  7. Dammit says:

    I wish I could get those Dreamcast colors, especially obsidian Urien and Makoto in the blue jammies.

    Dashunder tackle at 3:48 is sexy.

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