DAMAGE exhibition Leftovers and Variations by Error1

Even though DAMAGE exhibition v.one and v.two combined for over eleven minutes of combos, we were still left with a sizeable collection of unused clips. Error1 decided to take his portion and release this entertaining bonus video featuring quite a few uncommon games.

SFA3 glitchy Dramatic Battle duo at 0:46, MMPR Ivan Ooze 100% moveset combo at 1:37, and COTA Silver Samurai double Shuriken at 1:51

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combos and editing by error1

soundtrack: Project Dolphin – In The Bar

released yesterday, October 18th, 2011

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3 Responses to DAMAGE exhibition Leftovers and Variations by Error1

  1. onReload says:

    i love when ken backthrows akuma into ryu’s close fierce, that shit looks so brutal..and glitchy

  2. Maj says:

    Yeah, that whole combo is dope. My first thought was “How come it took this long to figure out that rapid-fire jab impact freeze infinite?” but then i remembered that nobody plays Dramatic Battle mode. The throw reaction interrupt stuff was surprising too.

    • error1 says:

      It’s actually harder then it looks to get the rapid fire jabs perfect, I think it’s basically 1 frame links and the wrong kind of frame skip will destroy it.
      I think there is a ton more stuff that can happen in sfa3 with throws and hits connecting at the same time.

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