SSF4AE Combo Exhibition

This project grew out of a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition combovid that Snoooootch was working on. Somehow it evolved from a quick collaboration between him and Lukenessmonster, into a five-minute video containing twenty elaborate combos from over seven contributors.

Many of these combos were tool-assisted via programmable controllers or input macro scripting. As usual, all of our combos follow standard meter restrictions. Absolutely no hacks, cheats, or game-altering devices were used in the making of this video.

combos by Doopliss, error1, Lukenessmonster, Maj, Pokey86, Smileymike101, and Snoooootch

edited by Snoooootch

soundtrack: MikeyG1221 – Victory Fanfare (Final Fantasy VII OST Remix)


0:04 On the last frame before landing, Dan’s vertical j.HP hits Dhalsim’s maximum height j.LP, allowing Dan to follow it up with EX DP FADC to ultra-2.

0:20 The second hit of Seth’s c.HP puts Balrog in float state, so the first j.D+MK stomp connects for free – allowing j.MP to juggle. Delaying the next set of stomps and whiffing divekick enables EX Tanden to connect and reset the juggle counter. Seth can still FADC his SRK when the opponent is very high up, and against Rog he even has enough time connect j.MP after backdash.

0:36 Yun’s EX Palm does 375 stun on counterhit and 300 stun normally, while EX Shoulder does 250 stun – enough to dizzy E.Ryu or Akuma. Jump in fierce does above average damage for a jumping attack. Ultra-1 causes float on a standing opponent, and the second hit of Yuns EX Dragon kick maintains juggle potential, setting up Yun’s crouching target combo finish.

0:51 For some reason, it’s a lot harder to suck the opponent back in on the second rep of Sonic Boom, EX Tanden near the corner. Thankfully, Rufus’ large hitbox allows Seth to use MP Sonic Boom, which hits later and gives more time to follow up. The walljump at the end is easier than it looks – just space out the first stomp and Rufus’ bulk will keep him in range for the divekick.

1:04 Ryu can connect c.HP after s.HK on four crouching characters, and Juri happens to be one of them. After the FADC, the spacing is good enough that Ryus can do a second EX Tatsu – netting 4 hits and only just dizzying Juri. Ryu’s combo options are limited without meter though.

1:17 Dudley’s rose shortens Ken’s Hadoken recovery. LK Tatsu is used as a dash, which is followed by an EX Hadoken (which juggles twice in AE).

1:26 After the lvl2 Focus Attack, Seth’s c.HP puts Dan in float state, and j.MP maintains it while landing on the oposite side. Seth’s SRK FADC provides another side switch. Whiffing the divekick helps set up the ultra-2 finisher.

1:46 Cody’s s.HP hits meaty after the jump-in, letting him link into c.HP and dizzy E.Ryu really easily. The same thing happens after the dizzy – meaty s.HP, F+MP, meaty s.LP, ultra-2.

2:06 Trading lvl3 Focus Attack with Dhalsim’s vertical j.LP allows Bison to whiff s.LP and still connect j.MP, then whiff s.HK and kara-cancel teleport into his super for style.

2:17 Because of Abel’s high and wide hit box, Sakura is able to stretch her combo with multiple heavy punches; enough to dizzy him. She links ultra-2 after a meaty LK Tatsu by hitting Abel on the last active frame.

2:36 Pokey86 found that Seth can link close s.HK into close s.HP after Tandem against Seth, so error1 uses that link four times in this combo.

3:07 Ken juggles EX air Tatsu twice by relying on the Dhalsim j.LP setup.

3:14 Gouken’s EX Tatsumaki Gorasen was buffed in AE so that the first hit locks the opponent in place for the remaining hits. It does this even if another hit lands after it, which is why the charged Gohadoken hits once before Dhalsim is teleported into the EX Tatsumaki Gorasen. It’s also possible to land both hits of the Gohadoken, but this version looks better.

3:19 Yun’s close s.MK lifts Dan high enough for Yun to be able to juggle after HK Nishokyaku. This loop works differently on some other characters, crossing them up after two reps.

3:30 Fei Long’s close s.MP causes extended hit stun, which allows him to FADC into s.LK as a 2-frame link. The last jab is linked into EX flame kick intead of being cancelled. With correct corner spacing, this technique delays the second hit until Dudley is very high in the air, setting up the three-hit ultra-1 juggle finisher.

3:43 Guile’s anti-air DF+HK gives him enough time to connect lvl1 Focus Attack, then follow it with a super to ultra-2 (which only does one hit here).

3:52 Ryu’s close s.HK to c.HP link works on Sakura’s wide crouching hitbox as well, creating enough pushback to cause the second EX Tatsu to hit three times – the final hit being the one that launches them spinning, allowing for another EX Tatsu that can only hit twice. Unfortunately, the third Tatsu refuses to launch Sakura spinning to set up an ultra.

3:58 Dee Jay’s lvl2 EX Focus Attack trades with Dhalsim’s vertical j.LP, putting him in float state without knocking him as far away as lvl3 Focus Attack would. The last hit of HK Jacknife Maximum knocks Dhalsim into the LP Air Slasher, which has its own juggle potential. Dee Jay whiffs s.LK for style, then finishes with EX Double Rolling Sobat.

4:06 Seth’s super is perfect for setting up Makoto’s s.HK as a meaty counterhit, producing 312 stun and providing exceptional frame advantage. The meaty setup allows s.HP to connect before the (huge!) pushback from s.HK comes into full effect. The FADC after the HP Hayate is a new addition in AE, as is the corner Fukiage after the EX Hayate. Even four Oroshi’s wouldn’t give enough meter for another EX bar. Seth barely stays dizzy when the lvl2 Focus Attack hits. Backdash to HP Fukiage only works in the corner and the Fukiage has to hit meaty for ultra-2. Axe kick builds very little meter, but just enough to reward her efforts with a final EX Hayate.

4:25 Dan can push a lot of buttons against some crouching characters. Usually he can either do s.MP, s.HK or s.HK, s.MP depending on the dummy, and of course that changes his follow-up options. Getting the right EX Gadoken spacing is a lot more character-specific, but Bison is the perfect dummy for double-dash after FADC and for ultra-2 after corner meaty EX Gadoken.

debuted today, September 18th, 2011 at ARK4

bonus materials:
Arkansas Regional Knockouts IV Promo

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  1. jamheald says:

    Awesome work, hope I can add something to the next one.

  2. Maj says:

    This has to be the Vid of the Week for 09.12.2011, right?

    • Snoooootch says:

      Haha, very much so! I’m very proud of this one. I’d like to thank Pokey the most. I think he worked harder than any of us.

  3. Pokey86 says:

    Don’t be daft

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