SSF4AE Project Dolphin CMV by desk and error1

Apparently the story behind the video is that desk’s band Project Dolphin produced an album of arranged video game music called Arrange EP – and error1 helped him put together a combo music video for the last track on the album, which is a medley of Street Fighter IV tunes.

SSF4AE Ryu bonus j.MP at 0:12, Guy meaty chain links at 0:55, Juri cross-under ultra-2 at 1:42, Yun palmfest at 2:10, and Yang 99-hit super/ultra combo at 2:20

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combos by desk and error1

edited by desk

soundtrack: Project Dolphin – SFIV Medley

released today, August 26th, 2011

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4 Responses to SSF4AE Project Dolphin CMV by desk and error1

  1. error1 says:

    if anyone’s wondering, it’s an exactly 99 hit combo with yang
    and the reason there are no dizzy stars at :20 is beacuse Ryu’s u2 is too slow

  2. Smileymike101 says:

    Haha i knew it.You hit the dummy with a hadouken during the ultra cutscene right?

  3. Maj says:

    Ah nice, i’ll update the description above with the correct hit count. Obviously i had no way of telling how many hits that Yang combo registered, so i just played the odds with “over 100-hit.” Since the combo counter never goes above 99, i figured what are the chances of it being below 100? And i would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

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